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Does SlickText Provide Geotracking or Geofencing?

True geofencing (geo fencing / geotracking / geo targeting / geo segmenting) is possible on Slicktext's platform.


Getting started, it is important that you know what real geofencing is. Many SMS marketing providers say they have geo-fencing, geo targeting, and so on but in reality they don't. They are simply grouping your contacts based on parameters like area code, zip code, city, state and calling it geofencing. Then when you send a message you pick a parameter like area code ABC to send a message to. That is NOT true geofencing.


Here at SlickText, we don't like to sugar coat things with the wrong terminology, we call that segmenting. See this article for more on segmenting



What is TRUE geofencing? 

True geofencing works in combination with an app that is downloaded to a smartphone using GPS to pin point latitude and longitude. The app is linked to a text marketing provider like SlickText to send triggered text messages to permission based subscribers. The subscribers have to come within a certain predetermined perimeter of your organization's location before the message can be sent.


How does it work on the back end?

Once you have your app developed you need to find a text messaging provider like SlickText that offers an api. API (Application Programming Interface) is the way for your application to interact with certain system/application/library/etc. Once your app is connected to our api, they can communicate back and forth.


What does the user-flow look like?

1. A user downloads your app to their smartphone

2. They give permission to your app to track them based on GPS

3. They opt-in to receiving text messages from your company

4. When the subscriber comes into a certain perimeter (distance and latitude/longitude you set up) it sends an alert to your app

5. The app then checks to see if they are a subscriber on your text list (it does this by checking your slicktext subscriber list within your account)

6. If they are found to be a subscriber then it tells slicktext to send them a single message


SlickText can do all this, however, It will take development on your end to make an app and integrate our api.


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