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Can I Segment or Create Subgroups Within My Lists?

Introducing SlickText's Segmenting tool! With our segmenting tool, you can easily create "subgroups" within your text marketing lists based on subscriber data. It's extremely powerful and extremely easy to use!

To set up your segmenting tool, follow the steps below:


Creating a Segment

Segment Name

Just a reference for you. This name will appear as an option when choosing to send a message.


Choose which subscriber data to identify


Set the condition, such as "Is" or "Is Not." Condition options can vary based on the dimension chosen.


Set the requirement. This also varies based on the dimension. You may notice a date option, preset options in a drop down, or a blank box where you can type in the required value.


Advanced Options

Below any segment set up, there is an option to include an "AND" statement or an "OR" statement. These options are known as Advanced Segmenting Options.

A brief explanation on how each of these options work. An "AND" statement requires your subscribers to meet 1 requirement AND 1 more requirement. For example: Segment users who subscribed between 01/01 - 02/02 AND who's email is not captured. A common misconception here is that an AND statement identifies 2 separate groups. This is incorrect, as an AND statement requires any given subscriber to meet both requirements in order to be added to this segment.

To identify 2 separate groups within a segment, use an "OR" statement. An example of an "OR" statement would be: Segment users who subscribed between 01/01 - 02/02 OR who's email is not captured.


Once your segment is saved, it will then appear on your Send a Message page. Select your textword list, then select the segment within that list and send your message to that targeted group of subscribers.

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