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Mass text messaging features

A feature-rich mass text messaging service that's easy to use.

Our messaging platform boasts tons of features that make mass texting a snap. You can easily schedule your texts out a couple weeks; or even a few months in advance. You can send out automated birthday rewards or grow your list with text to win contests. The opportunities are endless!

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A wonderful customer experience. Every single time.

We are dedicated to providing you with a exceptional customer experience every time. Whether you're a small business owner looking to reach less than 100 customers, or a Fortune 500 corporation looking for an internal mass text messaging solution for thousands of people; you get the same treatment from our team.

How can our mass text messaging service help your organization?

Mass Text Messaging for Churches

Want to reach out to congregation members at the click of a button? SlickText is exactly what you're looking for. We work with thousands of churches nationwide who use our mass texting service to keep their people informed.

What can text messaging do? It increases weekly attendance, heightens small group participation, and informs members about service cancellations or last minute changes. Strengthen your core communication with mass text messaging for churches and ministries.

Churches love our mass texting service
Hundreds of restaurants use our mass SMS service

Mass SMS for Restaurants

SMS messaging is a perfect solution for small business owners. Thousands of restaurants use our service to fire out birthday rewards, run text to win contests, share appetizing photos of their latest dishes, and more.

Our mass texting service helps restaurant owners build customer loyalty, enhance brand awareness, and maximize offer redemption. In addition, the affordability allows for a high ROI.

Mass Texting for Universities

Text is the way to go for collegiate communication. Think about the last time you saw a college student without a phone. Millennials and university-goers nationwide love texting. Considering over 90% of all mass texts are opened in five minutes or less; this is definitely a viable solution.

Inform alumni about upcoming events, keep the student body safe with emergency text alerts ... the possibilities are endless. Mass text messaging makes communication for universities and educational institutions a breeze.

Universities all over the country use our mass text messaging service
Small business owners love our mass texting service

Mass Text Messaging for Small Business Owners

Treat your customers like VIPS by rewarding them with weekly SMS promos. Fire out limited time only offers, and encourage customers to stop and show their text to redeem. Mass text marketing works wonders for small businesses. It allows you to reach customers at the click of a button; all for pennies per customer. That's a deal and opportunity you can't ignore.

What some of our customers are saying...

"SlickText has changed the way we do business! Communication with our participants is KEY to our success and SlickText has ensured that we are doing that in a fast, effective and efficient manner! Results were easy to see within a short period of time!"

Rhonda Piazza - Child Care Executive - YMCA

"SlickText's website is very easy to use and if I do need any help, their customer service is very easy to reach and second to none. I have already recommended their mass texting services to three or four other businesses that I work with."

Phil Genco - Marketing - Jamestown Savings Bank Ice Arena
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