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What is Text to Landline?

Text to landline is simply the enabling of text messaging on a landline phone number so that it can be used for 2-way messaging and mass texting. In addition to existing landlines, new local and toll free numbers can be secured for text messaging as well.

Setting up your landline to send and receive texts allows you to engage with people that may not want to pick up the phone to call, but still need to communicate with you. If your current number doesn't support text to landline, it's likely that you're missing the text messages that people are trying to send you.

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How Landline Texting Works

Enabling a landline for texting is really simple. Phone numbers support 2 thingsā€¦ voice and text. All landlines are voice-enabled however most don't do anything with their ability to send or receive text messages. Because voice and text are 2 completely separate functions, they work independently from each other. This allows us to handle your business text messaging while the phone company handles the voice.

Getting your landline set up to send and receive text messages is a painless process that is handled entirely by us. It can take up to two weeks to have the number up and running. Simply follow the instructions outlined in your account and the rest is on us. Once set up, all of your text messages and two-way conversations can be managed by our easy-to-use dashboard. From there you'll be able to see who's texting you and respond back. You can even use our mobile app for managing your messages on the go.

Additionally, our text messaging interface just scratches the surface of what you'll have access to. SlickText is the industry leading SMS marketing service that offers the most powerful tools and automated text messaging features necessary to grow your business.

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Why All Landlines Should Support Text Messaging

With text messaging becoming one of the most popular methods for communication today, it's kind of a no-brainer why your landline should definitely be text-enabled. Here are just a few reasons to make it even more clear.

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Your Customers Want It

Statistics on text messaging show that 85% of customers prefer to receive text messages over a phone call or email when needing to be reached by a business. That number is huge and it makes sense. As the younger generation of millenials become a larger part of your customer base, they are not going to want to call you. They won't want you calling them. They'll want to handle things via SMS. Having a lack of text to landline support means you won't be ready to connect with your customers on their terms.

85% of customers prefer to receive text messages over a phone call or email.
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You Need It

94% of businesses using text messaging to connect with their customers have found it to be a successful method of communication and would recommend it to their colleagues; another impactful number. Now that landline texting is becoming a more common occurrence, customers are going to expect that they can text you. Additionally, there's a high likelihood that they already are! Those are not messages you want to be missing out on.

94% of businesses using text messaging to connect with their customers have found it to be a successful.
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It's Extremely Convenient

People are busy, constantly on the go, and rarely have time to spend on the phone to communicate small pieces of information. That's the fundamental reason why texting is so popular in the first place. Pile on all the robo calls that most people get these days and you'll see why people would rather text you. Your customers will find it helpful. In fact, 71% of consumers have said using text messages to connect with their favorite businesses was highly effective. It just makes sense.

71% of consumers have said using text messages to connect with their favorite businesses was highly effective.

Commonly Asked Text to Landline Questions

For some, text-enabling a landline or setting up a new number may sound like a pain. We're here to tell you it's not. Still, if you're like some, you probably have questions about our text to landline service. Below are 4 common questions we hear often. If yours aren't listed below, just reach out to our team. We'll get them answered.

Can I use my existing landline?

Yes, you can use your existing landline number as long as it isn't already text-enabled. If it is, give us a call. We may be able to make it happen anyway. We have a simple process in place that will allow you to text-enable your landline and be up and running in about 1 business day.

How can I get a new number?

Setting up a new number is easy. We keep a full stock of both local and toll free phone numbers for you to choose from at any time. Simply provide an area code, choose from our pool of numbers, and you'll be set to go. There is no wait time when securing a new number. Everything happens instantly.

Is there any additional setup?

No! That's one of the best parts about our text to landline service. You don't need to talk to your phone company, purchase any additional hardware, or provide any phone bills. The entire process is quite smooth and painless.

What are the costs?

Unlike other services, we don't charge any additional fees to text-enable your landline. The same goes for securing a new local or toll free number. You only pay for the messages you send.

Why Us

Why Choose SlickText as Your Text to Landline Service?

There are a handful of text to landline services out there that can support your needs. We're different. You'll see it everywhere you look. From our easy-to-use dashboard to the outstanding support you'll receive, once you're in, you'll love it. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose SlickText...

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Be Up and Running in Minutes

Don't wait days or weeks to get your landline texting up and running. Our streamlined process for getting you set up can take as little as minutes and up to a day at most. We make it hassle free.

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An Easy-to-Use Interface

Our interface for managing your text messages is second to none. From the simple inbox management to the intuitive messaging interface, you'll love using our SMS service at the computer and on the go.

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A Friendly Team to Support You

We believe in good old fashion quality service. If you need us, we're here for you plain and simple. Our entire team are experts on the service and can help you through any challenge you face.

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