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What is MMS Marketing?

MMS marketing is a form of mobile advertising that allows you to send rich media such as images, videos and audio clips to your customers. MMS stands for "Multimedia Messaging Service" and can be considered an enhanced version of traditional SMS. Just like any type of mass text messaging, MMS requires prior consent before you can begin sending to your customers.

MMS is also known as "picture messaging," and offers a couple of advantages over standard SMS. These enhancements are the support for images and longer character lengths in the messages themselves.

Picture messaging is becoming more and more popular with marketers as the amount of overall engagement that end users have with multimedia messaging has proven to be higher.

Even though text messages have extremely high open rates, sometimes people do choose to ignore them. Think about it... When was the last time you ignored a picture message? Probably never. The point is that MMS marketing / picture messaging opens up an entirely new window of opportunity. Whether you're a marketer or using a mass texting service for communications, MMS is sure to snag more attention.

Example of an MMS marketing message on an iPhone
How is MMS different than SMS

How is MMS Different From SMS?

MMS can be considered the "big brother" of SMS. While in everyday life, we may refer to both as simple text messages, there are two key differences that are important to point out.

  • In addition to text, multimedia messaging allows for the inclusion of rich media content such as images, video, and audio. Standard SMS messages only support text.
  • MMS messages have a much larger character limit. They can contain up to 1,600 characters of text while SMS has a limit of 160.

With there being only two big differences between MMS and SMS marketing, you might question the actual performance of MMS in terms of ROI. According to many businesses in different industries, almost all claim that using MMS marketing services have shown boosts in engagement upward of 250% over standard SMS. That's huge!

Why MMS Marketing is a Great Choice

MMS marketing is a great choice for many businesses and for different reasons. Realistically, it boils down to 4 key benefits.

Multimedia messaging provides a richer customer experience

A Richer Customer Experience

MMS marketing provides a much richer customer experience over your standard SMS messaging. A picture is worth a thousand words and will always be more eye-catching than a message containing only plain text.

Increase engagement with MMS marketing

Increased Engagement

Because multimedia messaging grabs so much attention, it naturally gets more engagement. Not only do more people read the messages and interact with the content, they are also up to 8 times more likely to be shared with friends.

Picture messages see more offer redemptions

Better Redemption

More engagement means more redemptions. Pairing your text blasts with a great visual leads to better response rates and that's exactly what users are seeing with our MMS marketing service.

Multimedia messages allow for longer character lengths

Longer Message Lengths

Sometimes you just can't communicate what you need to in a 160 character block of text. Multimedia messaging gives you plenty of additional space to get your message across.

Why Choose SlickText as Your MMS Marketing Service?

With various MMS marketing services out there today, choosing the right solution is an important decision. Here are 3 reasons why our group texting service is your best bet.

Image Optimization

Intelligent Image Optimization

SlickText handles the various file size restrictions that each of the cellular carriers have and intelligently optimizes your images to ensure the best quality media lands on your customers' devices. This results in more engagement and better redemption rates.

Multimedia messages can fall back to SMS

Auto SMS Fallback

While almost all carriers in the U.S. support multimedia messaging, there is still between 1% and 2% that cannot receive pictures from short codes. We've got that covered as our software will auto-convert those people's messages into SMS and provide a link to the media you are trying to send.

Better MMS message delivery

Better Delivery Rates

Some MMS marketing services are finding sneaky ways of saving money by using cheaper methods to send your messages. While that saves you money, it can leave a lot of messages undelivered. We don't play that game. We use the best possible carrier routes to ensure your messages are delivered.

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