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What kind of partner are you?

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I'm a consultant, thought leader, influencer, or someone who wants to send referrals to SlickText and earn commission.

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I'm a marketing agency or consultant and I would like to use SlickText to manage SMS programs on behalf of my clients.

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I want to integrate my technology with SlickText to bring the power of SMS to my customers and add value to the platform.

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Affiliate Program

We've paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to our partners simply for sending us referrals. Becoming a SlickText Affiliate Partner is an easy way to earn residual income.

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Earn High Commissions

Generate revenue or personal income from SlickText subscription sales.

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Rep a Top Product

Have confidence that you're sending people to a platform that has the reviews and awards to back you up.

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Get Fantastic Support

Qualify for a dedicated Partner Success Manager who will help you outperform your goals.

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Affiliates earn 20% of subscription sales for the first year of the referral's subscription. We track your referrals through a 180 day cookie window or through custom coupon codes you can use in marketing.

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Affiliates who are above $5k per month in active subscription sales will have access to a dedicated Partner Success Manager. Not quite there yet? Our team of SMS experts are still available via live chat, call, or email.

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Growth Tools

We set up our affiliates for success with every tool you need to get started. Upon signing up, you'll receive customizable tracking links, creative files for marketing, and customizable coupon codes that link back to your account.

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Reporting and Analytics

Keep track of your referral earnings and analyze trends with our reporting and analytics. Our affiliate portal houses all you need to be successful with our program.

Affiliate Program FAQs

Is there an approval process to get started as an affiliate?

No! You'll get access to your custom link and coupon codes right after you sign up.

Can anyone sign up for the affiliate program?

Yes, as long as you have a valid tax ID number (or Social Security number) and PayPal, you can sign up for our program.

How do you track referrals?

Referrals are tracked by affiliate coupon codes and cookies that have a 180-day lifespan.

How are your affiliate commission payments issued?

For all eligible referrals, we pay all our commissions through PayPal in the middle of the month for revenue earned in the previous month.

Can I offer a discount to my referrals?

Our affiliate coupon codes provide a 15% discount off a new account's first month of service. When your coupon code is used, we immediately mark that new account as referred by you.

Are your affiliate coupon codes customizable?

Yes. You can change your coupon code to whatever you'd like (within reason). Adjust the code to align with your brand and help your customers recognize your coupon codes immediately.

Can I post my affiliate coupon code on coupon sites like

No, you cannot post your coupon code on coupon sites. This is against our affiliate program's terms of use. You can print them on cards, hand them out at trade shows, post them on social media, include them in email newsletters, etc.

Can I use my own affiliate promo code on my account?

No. You cannot become a referral of yourself.

Can current SlickText customers use my affiliate coupon code?

No. Your affiliate coupon code is only valid for users who aren't already paying for SlickText.

Can I spam my affiliate links out to everyone and their families?

Absolutely not! Any affiliate caught spamming or using any other illegal or unscrupulous technique for growing their referral base will be removed from the program.

Is there a cost to join the affiliate program?

Nope! There is no cost to you at all.

My question is not answered here. What now?

If you have other questions, don't hesitate to email us at

Do I have to sign a contract?

SlickText and you will agree to these terms and conditions.

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Agency Partners

Champion your clients' success with the industry's highest rated text marketing service.

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Trusted Software Provider

We have over 10 years of experience in SMS marketing across almost every industry imaginable.

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Manage Multiple Brands with Ease

Every account includes easy to manage permissions with no limits on user seats.

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Dedicated Help from SMS Experts

Receive one-on-one onboarding with a Product Consultant and continued support from your Partner Success Manager.

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Effective and Compliant Growth

We've focused on creating the industry's most comprehensive set of list growth and SMS automation tools that can be perfectly customized to fit each of your client's brands. SlickText provides tools to assist with navigating the complex world of text marketing laws and regulations, making it easier for you and your clients to remain compliant.

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Clear Analytics and Reporting

Bring proof of your effectiveness to your clients with SlickText's analytics dashboard. Track clicks, subscriber growth, churn rates, and revenue attribution with real-time data that's always available. You can even customize each account's UTM parameters to get as granular as you'd like.

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Exclusive Benefits

Our agency partners are our VIPs. Each agency partner will receive the Certified SlickText Partner badge to bring extra credibility to your organization. We include agency partners in our leads program, provide access to beta features, and some qualify for revenue share based on their client's plan size.

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We've built robust integrations with the rest of your client's stack, so adding SMS to their marketing will be a breeze. Contacts seamlessly sync between ESPs and SlickText so you never have to worry about bad data. Don't see the integration you need? There's always Zapier and our REST API to cover your bases.

Agency Partners FAQ

Is it easy to manage multiple clients on the platform?

Yes, SlickText makes it easy for agencies to manage multiple clients. The platform is super flexible and able to handle various agency needs. Agencies can view usage, adjust subscriptions, manage users, and even provide SMS services themselves via the SlickText platform.

How does billing work for agency partners?

SlickText offers multiple options for billing. Consolidate all your clients onto a single invoice, have SlickText bill your clients directly, or leverage a mix of both billing options.

How many clients do I need to sign up in order to qualify for the agency program?

Marketing agencies often sign up with as few as one or two clients to start (some agencies bring several hundred clients). That said, an agency can sign up for the program without any initial clients and simply build their SlickText business over time.

Do I have to sign a contract?

SlickText and you will agree to certain terms and conditions. Contact us.

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Technology Partners

Bring the power of SMS marketing to your customers by integrating with SlickText.

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Integrate with a Top Product

Not every SMS platform is built the same. SlickText uses the highest quality routes for message deliverability.

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Grow Your Customer Base

Get listed as an integration partner in SlickText and be seen by tens of thousands of users.

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Benefit from True Partnership

Receive a dedicated Partner Success Manager, access to beta features and our REST API. Our technology partners also help influence our product roadmap.

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Technology Partners FAQ

Does SlickText have API documentation?

Yes, check it out here:

Is there a cost to sign up to be a SlickText technology partner?

No, SlickText does not charge an upfront or usage fee, nor do we require a revenue share agreement to use our API.

Does SlickText pay referral fees to technology partners?

We'd like to, especially if you're building something that will bring customers our way. Technology partner referral agreements are considered on a case-by-case basis. Please don't hesitate to reach out!

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