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Send automated text message responses with ease.

SMS autoresponders allow you to send instant, automated text message responses to people after they've texted a specific keyword to your number. They're a great tool for delivering on-demand information to people seeking immediate responses.

SlickText currently powers over 500,000 individual auto-replies for businesses and organizations all over North America. Why? We've made it easy.

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How SMS Autoresponders Work

At the very core, SMS autoresponders, also known as text message auto-replies, are very simple. They're also the most common way that people are sending automated text messages. They're used in several different cases but usually to either provide instant information or confirm a person's subscription to a text messaging service. We offer several options for SMS auto responses so that your user experience is smooth.

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Setting Up an SMS Autoresponder

We've made the process for setting up text message autoresponders very simple. it can be broken down into two basic parts. Setting up your keyword and then configuring your auto response SMS message. Our platform makes getting this done a snap. Most people are up and running in a matter of minutes. Let's break it down...

The Keyword

A keyword, also known as a "textword", is a word or phrase that people can text to an SMS short code or phone number to trigger an autoresponder text message. A keyword can be more than 1 word but is recommended to be kept short. This make it easy for people to remember when sending it to your number. You can have as many or few keywords as you'd like and each has a dedicated auto-reply associated with it.

The Auto Response Message

Once you have a keyword set up. The next thing you'll do is set up your SMS auto-response message. Again, this is the text message that will be immediately sent back to people after they text your keyword to your number. The standard limit on text messages 160 characters however our service allows your responses to be up to 1,600 characters total if needed. This should give you plenty of space to provide whatever information you want in your message. You can even include a picture to be sent along with your message for greater engagement.

Once your sms autoresponder is saved, you're good to go. People can begin texting your keyword to the number to receive your auto response message. Every time someone texts in, they will be saved as a contact inside your SlickText account so that you can connect with them later if needed.

By default, each keyword has just one automated text message response associated with it. In some cases, 1 response may not cut it. What if you need to provide a series of text messages to a person over time or even engage with them back and forth to collect more information? If you find yourself in either of these situations, we've got you covered. Our SMS marketing service also offers both time-based drip messages and SMS surveys that can be used to make either of those happen.

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Engagement & Reporting

What good is any software without reporting and analytics? Our dashboard will give you a wide array of data on who is texting your keywords and receiving your autoresponders. We provide general location information and data on who's clicking any of the links you may have included in those text messages.

Link tracking is a key feature that is commonly used in automated text responses. It helps people understand who is engaging with the information that's provided in the text messages people receive. Not only can we track the stats regarding the number of clicks, we can also track which individuals have and have not clicked so that you can re-engage them with future messages based on whether they did or did not take action. It's a very powerful feature!

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Who Uses SMS Autoresponders?

Many types of businesses use text messaging and autoresponders are a popular feature. As you can imagine, they're flexible and have very many use cases. This is what makes them so attractive for delivering instant information.

The most common use case for auto-replies are to confirm subscriptions to text messaging lists. These messages, thank people for joining, offer some valuable piece of info or offer, and provide instructions on how to opt out of that list if they so choose to.

Aside from list confirmations, sometime people don't care about growing a list. They just want to deliver information to people that need it. Some of those popular use cases include:

  • Public transit updates
  • Event schedules
  • App downloads
  • Real estate home information
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Why choose us

Why Choose SlickText For Your SMS Autoresponders

There are a lot of different SMS marketing services out there that offer SMS autoresponders. The truth is, it's a basic feature. The problem is, many lack the flexible features necessary to really stand out. There are a hundred different reasons why SlickText is your best option. Here are three big ones...

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Getting Set Up Is Easy

Don't waste your time trying to understand other complex SMS marketing services. Setting up text autoresponders should be very simple. We keep it that way. From the time you create your account to being set up and running can take only minutes.

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Flexible Options

Whether you need to send short and simple auto responses or larger ones with images. Whether it's just one text message or a series of engagements over time, we have the features to get what you need done.

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No Charge for Inbound SMS

There is an inherent cost that all SMS marketing companies incur to both send and receive text messages. Most charge you for both. We do not. We only charge for messages that are sent outbound which keeps more money in you pocket.

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