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Easy Mass Text Messaging

Send Mass Text Messages

Our service makes mass text messaging a snap. We've streamlined the process and have made it incredibly intuitive to get your message out. Whether you're at a computer or on the go, you'll have no problem sending your texts.

SMS marketing keywords

Text to Join

People can text to join your SMS marketing lists by sending a unique keyword to a short phone number called a short code. We call these keywords "textwords". Each textword is unique and represents its own text messaging list.

Easily schedule mass text messages to go out in the future!

Text Message Scheduling

Easily schedule text messages to go out on any date and time. You can set up a single message, or take care of several month's worth of promotions all at once. You can even automate your messages by scheduling them to repeat on a regular basis.

Easy to use SMS marketing auto replies


Auto-replies, also known as SMS autoresponders, are the automated messages that your customers receive after sending your textwords to a short code. You can offer incentives, reply with images, ask additional questions and much more!

Send mms messages and picture messages with SlickText

MMS / Picture Messaging

Easily attach pictures to any of your outgoing text messages to boost engagement and response rates from your subscribers. Additionally, MMS also allows you to send up to 1,600 characters in the body of your messages. Learn more about MMS marketing.

2-way text messaging

2 Way Text Messaging

Inboxing / 2-way text messaging allows existing subscribers to reply to your campaigns and send you text messages. It's a great way to stay connected and answer questions people have. A key business text messaging feature that everyone should be using.

Text to Win Contests

Text to Win Contests

Text to win contests, also known as text to win sweepstakes, are a great way to engage your audience and build your list at the same time! Have people text your keyword to 31996 to enter for a chance to win. We activate, run, and complete your contests. We randomly award your winners and we do it all 100% automatically. Set it and forget it!

Text Message Marketing birthday texts

Birthday Texts

Easily collect peoples' birthdays when they subscribe to your text list. Then, when their special day arrives, our system will automatically send them your birthday text message. You can control everything! You literally set it and forget it!

SlickText Mobile App

Fully Featured Mobile App

Manage your entire text messaging program on the go with our free mobile app. It contains all the same great features our desktop experience offers and supports both Apple and Android.

Text Surveys

Text Surveys

Text surveys allow you to create multi-question survey & data collection flows that both subscribers and non-subscribers can engage with via text message. You can then segment your lists by the info that you've collected and retarget your subscribers in future text messages.

Recurring Mass Text Messages

Repeating Messages

Need to send messages on a regular basis? This feature allows you to send an automated text message by simply specifying some basic info. You can repeat messages daily, monthly, bi-weekly, on certain days of the week or month etc. The options are endless.

Text Marketing & SMS Marketingt Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns is an automated feature that allows you to send a series of time-delayed text messages to subscribers after they join your text list. It's an extremely handy tool that helps you continuously interact with your subscribers.

Automated SMS Workflows

Automated Workflows

Build automated marketing sequences that people flow through to provide a personal experience based on actions they do or do not take. Nurture leads, onboard new customers and a whole lot more. Learn more about workflows.

SMS Opt-In Links

Opt-In Links

Opt people in with the click of a link. Our uniquely-coded opt-in links provide an excellent way to grow your list. Simply click one on any mobile device and the messaging app will open with the number and keyword auto-populated.

SMS Surveys

Shopify Integration

Our direct integration with Shopify allows you to provide an option for customers to opt into your SMS marketing list at checkout. Furthermore, it let's data to flow from Shopify to SlickText so you can create subscriber segments, target people based on purchases, and send abandoned cart SMS messages.

SlickText Zapier Integration

Zapier Integration

Zapier is a service that connects apps and software so they can be used together. Our Zapier integration allows you to connect SlickText with over 1,100 popular services that people use everyday.

Capture emails through text marketing and SMS marketing

Email Capture

This feature allows you to capture subscribers' email addresses after joining your text lists. It's a great way to grow your email marketing efforts in conjunction with text marketing. From your dashboard, you can easily export your collected emails directly to your favorite email marketing provider.

Text Marketing & SMS Marketingt Email Integration

Email Integrations

Automatically sync the emails you capture with your favorite email marketing services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, and many others. This all happens in real time and requires no intervention by you. Just set it and let the data flow.

Data Sync

Data Sync

Do you have unique subscriber data that you would like to segment based off of? We make syncing all of that info with your existing subscribers easy with just a few clicks.

Text Message Marketing integration with Facebook

Facebook Integration

Kill two birds with one stone with our Facebook integration. With just 1 extra click, you can cross post your text messages to Facebook as well. You even have the option of tweaking your Facebook post so it can be different from your text! Watch the Video!

Text Marketing & SMS Marketing Mobile Coupons

Mobile Coupons

Use this feature to build gorgeous mobile coupons to send to your patrons. They are fully customizable and include POS barcode support. Each coupon also provides detailed analytics on every interaction a user has with your offer.

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards

Launch a loyalty rewards program that boosts customer retention and keeps people coming back. Our loyalty program software is super simple and easy to use. Your customers are sure to love it!

Rollover Text Marketing messages

Free Rollover Texts

Your dog isn't the only thing that can roll over! Your unused text messages do the same thing! Don't lose out on texts that you didn't use the month before!

Extended length Text message marketing campaigns

Extended Length Messaging

Need more than the standard 160 characters? No problem. We offer the ability send up to 6X that length which is extremely helpful in times where 160 doesn't cut it. We even allow up to 1,600 characters when sending campaigns with a picture attached.

Personalized SMS marketing and text marketing messages


Your contacts are much more than just phone numbers on a list. Address each one by name. This feature allows you to easily merge first names, last names and more into your group texts for that personal touch.

Custom fields for your text marketing and sms marketing subscribers

Custom Subscriber Fields

Custom fields allows you to store custom data on your contacts in addition to the standard fields like name, email etc. This allows you to segment your contacts on a more granular level so you can get as specific as you'd like for which contacts you target in your campaigns.

Detailed Text Marketing analytics

Detailed Analytics

Gain some incredibly useful insight into your text marketing efforts. With everything from opt in/out graphs to geographical stats and link tracking, we've got you covered on all the important things you need to know.

Text Marketing Opt In Forms

Web Opt In Forms

Build gorgeous, mobile friendly opt in forms that can be used as landing pages, at kiosks, on tablets or embedded on your website. Our form builder makes it incredibly easy to build these forms without any knowledge of design or code. Watch the Demo.

Age verfication for your Text Marketing campaigns

Age Verification

In some cases, you may find yourself only wanting to market to people over a particular age. Just flick on age verification, set your age requirement and users will have to reply with their date of birth before subscribing. Only those who meet the age requirement can join!

One auto reply per person for your Text Marketing campaigns

"One Per Person"

Many times you'll find yourself offering an extra special deal for new subscribers who join your text marketing list. To keep people from abusing that deal, this feature only allows each person to get your welcome auto reply once. If they opt out and then opt back in, they'll get a welcome back message instead.

Double opt in for your Text Marketing campaigns

Double Opt In

In some cases, you may want people to "double opt in" to your text alerts. This requires people to reply "yes" to confirm their subscription before being added to a list. You can turn this on with a simple flip of a switch!

Text Marketing link shortening

Built In Link Shortening

You have the option to shorten your links so they don't take up as many characters in your text messages. A very helpful little tool!

Text Marketing link tracking

Link Tracking

We'll track all the links you put in your text messages so you'll know exactly how many people clicked on your links and how effective the message was! Pretty cool eh?

Text Marketing link tracking

Unique Coupon Codes

Need to provide a unique coupon code to each individual subscriber that signs up? Need to do the same when sending an outbound campaign? Yep, we can handle that for you!

Dynamic expiration dates for your text marketing campaigns

Dynamic Expiration Dates

Our dynamic expiration date feature allows you to set a specific offer expiration in any of your auto replies & outgoing birthday messages. Simply specify a set number of days, and the auto reply will include an expiration date that reflects that number.

Send your Text message marketing campaigns right from your cellphone

Send From Phone

On the go? No problem! You'll have the ability to send your bulk SMS messages with a simple text message! Just text us what you want to send and we'll foward it to your list! It's really simple.

advertise your Text marketing campaigns!

Market Your Keywords

We give you tools to easily create flyers and QR codes for your textword lists. Just fill in your details, download your flyers, and post them wherever! People can then join your SMS marketing list with ease!

Segmenting your text marketing list

Segment Your Contacts

With our segmenting tool, you can easily create "subgroups" within your text marketing lists based upon subscriber data like area code, city, state, date subscribed an more! It's extremely powerful and extremely easy to use!

Self Cleaning Text Marketing List

Self Cleaning Subscriber Lists

What happens if a person changes their number, a line gets shut off, or you accidentally add a landline to your list? No worries here! Our system is constantly watching for dead numbers and automatically removes them when we spot one. No need for you to do anything.

Upload your Text Marketing Contacts

Upload Your Subscriber Lists

Have a text message marketing list from somewhere else? Provided you have explicit written consent from your subscribers, you can upload your list as well. We've made that processes incredibly easy!

Real Text messages

Real Text Messages. All The Time.

Some companies use gimmicky email technology to send your texts. Messages get caught up in spam filters and often times never get delivered. Every message sent with us goes directly to the cell phone carriers so everyone gets your texts!

Carrier Compliance

100% Carrier & CTIA Compliance.

Maintaining compliance with the cellular carriers and CTIA is a top priority for us. We strive to maintain a 100% compliant platform through the efforts of our in-house audit team. From proper disclaimers to opt-in management, rest assured that we have your back.

Free inbound Text messages

No Charge for Incoming Messages

Incoming messages are 100% free! You only pay for the messages you send out.

Text Marketing REST API


Whether you're an independent developer or large corporation, our SMS REST API will easily allow your application to start texting! Want to learn more? Read our documentation here.

Text Marketing Webhooks


Need to capture real time data on events happening with your account? Our webooks are a quick and easy way for your application to capture information when those events happen. Want to learn more? Read our documentation here.

Unlimited Text Marketing Contacts

Store Unlimited Contacts

Have as many phone numbers signed up for your text marketing / SMS marketing lists as possible. We'll never limit your list size!

Multi-User Support

Multiple User Support

Are you working with a team of people or need to give others access to your account? You can easily create unique logins for each person and assign them specific permissions based on your needs.

Adjust your SMS marketing Plan at any time!

Adjust Your Plan at Anytime

Need a bigger or smaller plan? Since there are absolutely no contracts, we give you the ability to easily slide your plan up or down depending on your needs!

Secure storage for your SMS Marketing contacts

Secure Information

All your information is 100% safe and secure behind an industry standard 256 bit AES SSL encryption! Furthermore all of your data is encrypted at rest and safely stored within our enterprise database service.

SlickText Supports Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security for your SlickText account by requiring you to confirm a unique pin code that is sent to your mobile device each time you log in. This helps to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your account as it requires you to have your mobile device handy in order to login.

Text marketing tips

Text Marketing Tips & Help

We have helpful hints, tips, and tricks sprinkled all over our website to help you stay on course with a successful text marketing strategy. View our SMS marketing guidebook!

Love from our SMS marketing customer services reps

Love From the Slick Text Family

We want your text message marketing efforts to be as successful as possible so unlike many other companies, we're here for you! If you ever have an unanswered question, we want to help! Don't ever hesitate to email or get us on the phone. We'll make sure you're taken care of!

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