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One on One text messaging

Text Your Customers One-on-One

Allow your customers to reach your business via SMS and engage in two-way text messaging. Our easy-to-use platform makes managing all of your conversations a snap.

SMS communication at scale

Communicate to Patrons at Scale

Reach large groups of customers all at once by sending mass text messages. Our business texting service is packed with the features you need to reach everyone.

Market your business

Intelligently Market Your Business

SlickText is the industry leading SMS marketing service. Engaging with customers via text is easy. We provide the additional tools to market and grow your business as well.

How are businesses using text messaging?

Text messaging is the hottest channel for customer engagement. Regardless of your needs, 10-digit and short code texting has a place in any organization. Here are the four most popular ways people are using text messaging for their businesses.

Customer support via text messaging

Customer Support

Providing good customer support can make or break your business. One of the best formulas for providing great service is to allow your customers to engage with you across multiple channels. Most businesses provide support via phone, email, and social media. Why not through text messaging?

Using SMS gives your business the ability to forge meaningful relationships at crucial moments through an extremely popular communication channel. Our business texting service makes supporting your customer and managing all of your conversations easy.

Sales and lead nurturing via text

Sales and Lead Nurturing

Companies are finding that customers, especially millennials, avoid phone calls. It's no surprise — they prefer text messaging. It only makes sense to engage with people how they feel most comfortable, especially when a sale is on the line.

Business leaders are also learning that leads are more likely to engage with sales teams via messaging channels versus phone calls. Business texting gives your sales team an edge over the competition by lowering the barrier to engagement, helping you communicate more efficiently.

Business text marketing

Text Message Marketing

Text message marketing is one of today's fastest growing marketing methods. It boasts open and click-through rates far superior to those of email and other digital channels. Why? Because everyone reads their text messages.

SlickText is the industry-leading SMS marketing service brands of all sizes are using to grow their business. We boast the richest set of features and text message automations to help support and grow your business.

Company communication via texting

Company Communications

Keeping your employees in the know can be challenging. Company-wide emails are often funneled to inbox folders that are never reviewed. Employee-only Facebook groups are rarely effective in getting the word out. HR professionals are turning to mass text messaging to keep employees informed.

With SlickText you can easily send text blasts to your employees, capture feedback via surveys, schedule recurring reminders, and so much more. Businesses that use text messaging for employee communications are seeing better engagement and fewer people out of the loop.

Why Business Text Messaging Makes Sense

There are hundreds of reasons why using a text alert service for your business makes perfect sense. It doesn't matter if you're using SMS for sales, support, marketing, or communication. Mobile messaging is where the future is. Here are just a few reasons why your company should be texting its customers...

People are glued to their phones

People Are Glued to Their Phones

Where is your mobile device right now? Probably within arm's reach. People live on their mobile phones. Why wouldn't you want to connect with your customers where they spend the majority of their time? Chances are they want to be texting you.

Actually, with the growing popularity of smartphones and the ability to "click to text" from any web page, your customers are probably already trying to text your business whether you know it or not. Think about how many valuable engagements you could be missing.

Reach more customers with business texting

Reach More Customers

SlickText gives your business the ability to text customers in bulk. Whether you're sending out informational alerts, appointment reminders, or marketing messages, the key to success is reach. Why bother with spammy robo-calls or emails that get stuck in junk boxes? Using our text messaging service for your business will give you new reach and the ability to keep all customers in the know.

Capture customer responses via sms

Capture Instant Responses

Over 95% of all text messages are read within minutes of being sent. That's an impressive statistic. Texting your customers is not only the quickest way to communicate with them but also the fastest way to get a response. People are busy and don't always have time to answer calls, especially from an unfamiliar number. Group text messaging allows you to get the information you need as fast as possible. People can respond instantly and you can have private conversations with each individually.

Why Choose SlickText For Your Business Texting?

There are several business text messaging services on the market. None are closet to providing the ease, quality and functionality that SlickText offers. Here are several reasons why you should choose our service to begin texting your customers...

two-way texting

Simple Two-Way Texting

Our simple contact management and inbox make business text messaging hassle-free. We keep your chat threads organized so your team can efficiently engage with your customers.

mass texting capabilities for your business

Powerful Mass Text Messaging

Text specific customer segments or your entire list with just a few clicks. We are a leader in mass texting which means you're getting not only a solid business texting service but the most powerful mass messaging and SMS marketing tools as well.

Flexible number options

Use an Existing or New Number

Maintain a personal feel by texting your customers from a dedicated local phone number. You can choose from a list of available numbers in your specific area code or even text-enable your existing landline.

Schedule text messages for your business

Scheduled Text Messages

Easily schedule both your one-on-one and mass text messages to send on any day and at any time. You can plan your texts to be sent months in advanced if you'd like. We provide a wide array of options.

text messaging automation for your business

Flexible Automation

Save time and boost efficiency by taking advantage of our automated text messaging features. From auto-responders to drip messages and recurring texts, our platform provides you with everything you need to put your messages on autopilot.

SMS auto-responders

Simple Auto Responders

Generate leads or provide information on demand with keywords and SMS autoresponders. When someone texts a keyword, they will receive an immediate auto-response that we call an "auto reply." You can use them to provide simple info like business hours or requests for more information.

Invite your staff to start texting

Invite Your Entire Staff

Company communications isn't always a one-person job. Our business texting service allows you to invite an unlimited number of employees to your account to help manage the workload. You control the permissions. You control the access.

send text messages on the go

Manage Conversations on the Go

Our mobile app makes managing your business's text messaging even easier. In addition to texting from a computer, you can connect with your customers wherever your mobile device has an internet connection.

best in class text messaging

Best In Class Messaging

Making sure your messages get delivered is essential when texting your customers. If your messages aren't getting through that means missed opportunities and upset patrons. We use only the best messaging routes to make sure you don't have to worry about that.

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