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SlickText's SMS Marketing Platform

Our Platform is Outstanding.

The relentless attention to detail shines through in every area of our platform. We've spent a countless number of hours building and perfecting a powerful, feature rich SMS marketing service that's easy to use and works wonderfully on all your devices.

We've taken care of the small details that most companies don't think about to ensure your experience is seamless. Create an account for free and see for yourself exactly what we mean.

SlickText's Mass Text Messaging Service
SlickText's SMS Marketing Expertise
Mass Texting Expertise

Our Expertise is Your Advantage.

Whether you're new to SMS marketing or a seasoned pro, our on hand experts will help you develop a text messaging strategy that is tailored to your organization.

Our 1 on 1 account setup and training differentiates us from all other texting services. We work with you to understand the unique opportunities you face and provide a strategy for success. Education is key and we leverage our experience from thousands of other text programs to ensure you're set up for success.

In addition, we offer a wide array of text marketing resources and educational materials for anyone looking to develop their knowledge and sharpen their skills.

SlickText's Expertise in Mass Texting
Mass Texting Deliverability

Our Messaging is Best in Class.

Messaging quality is a big deal and there's a lot of garbage out there. Your text marketing program means nothing if your audience is not receiving your messages. There are cheap ways to send your texts and there are quality ways. These are known as "routes". SlickText uses only the highest quality North American messaging routes to ensure your users are receiving the text messages you send. We don't deal with the cheap stuff.

SlickText's High Level of Mass Text Messaging Delivery
SMS Marketing Compliance

We Have Cellular Compliance Covered.

When launching a text messaging program, staying compliant with carrier guidelines is huge. It's important that you choose an SMS marketing service that can ensure you're compliant with current regulations. Rest assured that you are in good hands with SlickText. Compliance comes standard with our service and everything is in place to ensure you're covered.

It's also important that you choose a text messaging service that disallows programs with questionable content. A few bad apples can lead to the disruption of other programs using the same service. We have a zero tolerance policy for content that violates carrier guidelines and perform daily audits to ensure all text programs are carrier compliant.

Fanatical customer support

Our Support is Fanatical.

Most companies think they have great customer support. We actually do. Call us, email us, chat with us and see for yourself. This is one of the biggest things people rave about SlickText for. We are about our people and it shows. Our goal is to over deliver and make you feel like family every time. When you need us, you get to speak to a real person who will make sure you are taken care of.

SlickText Customer Support

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