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Text to win sweepstakes are an excellent way to engage with your customers and target audience. Everyone loves the opportunity to win something and running it all through a simple texting contest makes it even more fun.

We've helped thousands of businesses and organizations launch their own text to win contests with outstanding success. Our SMS marketing software has everything you need to set a contest up and completely automate the process.

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What is Text to Win?

Text to win is a term used for sweepstakes or contests that are run entirely through text messaging. People enter text to win contests by texting a special keyword to a 5 or 6 digit short phone number called an SMS short code.

Text to win sweepstakes have become quite popular in recent years as people are more engaged with their mobile devices than ever before. Additionally, being able to automate the entire process makes contest management much easier.

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Why Run a Text to Win Sweepstakes?

There are many reasons why brands choose to run text to win promotions. Companies who use mass texting services choose to run contests as they're are great way to grow subscriber lists. Because each person who enters a contest can be opted into future promotions, it makes these sweepstakes a great way to boost their list sizes.

For companies that aren't looking to remarket through SMS, text to win is still one of the best ways to engage with their customers. Text messaging is a low touch, low effort way for people to interact with their favorite brands. SMS sweepstakes help companies stay top of mind and attract new customers with a relatively low amount of effort.

How Text to Win Sweepstakes Work

The overall structure for how a text message sweepstakes works is actually quite simple. With the various options and ways to configure them, our text message marketing software provides the flexibility you need to run your SMS contests according to your specifications. The setup is simple and is just one of the great way you can automate your text message engagements.

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Setting Up a Text to Win Contest

We make setting up and managing your text to win sweepstakes extremely easy. We'll ask you a series of questions about how you want the contest to run and once those are set, our software handles the rest.

People enter with a simple text message. Each will have a keyword associated with it. When someone texts that word to your short code, they will be instantly be entered into your contest. Additionally, if they haven't already joined your text marketing program, they will be opted into that as well. This makes text message sweepstakes a great way to grow your subscriber list.

There are several configurations that you can make to your texting contests to have them run the way you want. These are the series of questions we mentioned above. Some of those include:

  • Which keyword you want people to text
  • When you want the contest to start and end
  • How many winners you want to award
  • What the auto response is for people who enter
  • What the text message to the winners will say once the sweepstakes is complete
  • What you want to send to the losers, if anything

We also provide more advanced settings for those who require additional control. Sometimes customizing the experience for participants provides even more engagement and ROI.

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How Contest Winners Are Chosen

When your contest is complete, our software will automatically select the winner(s) at random and send them a text blast with your winning message. If you'd like to choose the winner's yourself, we offer that option as well. Additionally, you can send a text message to the losers if that fits in with your promotion strategy.

The best part is that the entire processes runs on its own once set up. Whether you're looking to run a one time text to win sweepstakes or want to kick off a new SMS marketing program with a contest, our service is the perfect solution for you. Don't hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions you may have.

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Text to Win Analytics

Analytics and reporting are key components for any text to win sweepstakes. Understanding levels of engagement will help you to fine tune your contests and boost future participation. From your SlickText dashboard, you'll have access to live reports for each of the texting contests you run. Every report will give you insights into important information like how many people have entered, what the status is, and who the winners or losers are.

Having total visibility on performance is paramount. In addition to the standard metrics, our system will notify you whenever your contest has awarded winners and who those people are so that you can reach out and take the next steps.

Why Choose SlickText For Your Text to Win Sweepstakes?

We know there are a handful of text to win sweepstakes solutions out there today. You might be asking yourself, "why choose SlickText?" There are many reasons. Here are 3 of the biggest...

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A Simple Setup Process

Setting up your contests couldn't be easier. Just answer some simple questions on how you want them be configured. Your text to win sweepstakes can be up and running in a matter of minutes with no further intervention.

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100% Automation

Our SMS contests are totally automated. Once you've completed your set up, our system handles everything from picking winners, informing losers, and sending you alerts on who has won.

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Rich Analytics & Reporting

Each sweepstakes comes with live reporting that gives you detailed insight into what's happening. You can see in real time who has entered, how many new subscribers have joined, who your winners are, and more.

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