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What Are Workflows?

Workflows are automated sequences that provide personalized messaging for leads and customers based on their behavior. Workflows are the pure definition of marketing automation and can be used to create everything from ecommerce abandoned cart sequences to SMS chat bots for lead nurturing.

From the simplest use cases to more complex sequences that can send people down hundreds of paths, our SMS marketing software does it all. Workflows are easy to build using a simple drag and drop interface. No coding required.

Example of a text message sent from an automated workflow

What You Can Do With Workflows

Our workflow software is incredibly flexible and can be used to automate all sorts of tasks. Below are some of the most popular ways people are using SMS workflows to engage with their audiences.

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Lead Nurturing and Engagement

Using our workflow automation software, you can build complex sequences that engage and qualify potential customers. Send them down limitless paths based on information they provide, links they click, or other actions they take. Automating this communication allows your sales team to focus on the bottom of the funnel.

Lead Nurturing SMS Workflow
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Intelligent Abandoned Cart Sequences

Cart recovery is a crucial part of any ecommerce strategy. With our SMS workflows, you can enhance your abandoned cart messaging by providing unique offers and messaging flows based on data such as order history, current cart totals, past engagement and more. You can even use Workflows to add and remove customers from Facebook remarketing audiences based on cart and other SMS behavior.

Abandoned Cart SMS Workflow
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Data Collection

In the world of digital marketing, knowing your customer is key. The more information you have, the smarter your marketing will be. Use our SMS workflow automations to collect data such as names, dates, emails, numbers and more. Then build targeted segments from that data to send hyper-relevant mass text messages.

Sample Data Collection Workflow
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SMS Chat Bots

SMS chat bots allow marketers to connect personally with prospects and customers. Our workflow software allows you to automate 2-way conversations with ease. Intelligently respond by analyzing message sentiment or send action-based responses. Our software gives you all the necessary tools to manage personal conversations at scale.

SMS Chat Bot Workflow
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SMS Drip Marketing

Send a constant drip of messages based on time delays or other actions your audience takes. Features like our intelligent time delays and message click conditions supercharge your drip sequences, creating a smarter, more personal experience.

SMS Drip Workflow

Incredibly Easy

Building Workflows is Simple

Building automated workflows couldn’t be easier. Our software simplifies even the most complex automations. Workflows are constructed using four basic building blocks known as objects. Drag, drop and connect these objects, to bring it all together.

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Triggers Objects

Triggers insert people into your workflows, they are the starting point for any automation. Add people to a workflow when they join your SMS list, when a contact field changes to a specific value, when they click a link, abandon a cart on your website and more.

Action Object Icon

Actions Objects

Actions do the work within your workflow. With actions you can do everything from sending text messages, to starting two-way chats, sending internal emails, tagging leads and a whole lot more.

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Condition Objects

Condition objects check what’s happening with people in your workflow. Whether that’d be an order status, the value of a contact field, a past link click or the sentiment of a response, there are plenty of options to choose from. Conditions also allow you to split and take a person one way or another based upon what that condition is.

Wait Object Icon

Wait Objects

Waits are objects that wait for things to happen. Your automated workflow isn’t all about pushing information to subscribers. Sometimes, you need to wait for them to take action. You could wait for a link click, contact field to change or for a person to respond to your text message.

Workflow Reporting and Analytics

No marketing automation software is complete without a robust set of analytics and reporting. Our SMS workflows offer three unique ways to measure your success.

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Workflow Analytics Dashboard

Our workflow analytics dashboard gives you insight into several metrics regarding your automations. From simple stats on the number of tasks performed to message click-through rates and cart recovery amounts, you’ll always have plenty of data to analyze.

Workflow Analytics Dashboard
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Abandoned Cart Analytics

Understanding cart recovery metrics is huge — these dollars directly contribute to your bottom line. When using Workflows to manage your abandoned cart SMS, our analytics dashboard will expand to show you even more data about what you’re losing and how much is being recovered.

Abandoned Cart SMS Analytics Dashboard
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Live View Stats

Want to see what’s happening in real time? Toggle live view on any workflow to watch people flow through your automations and updated analytics at every step. Live view is an excellent way to test your workflows before go-live and to ensure people are experiencing your messaging as intended.

Automated Workflow - Sample Live View

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