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Popups allow you to effortlessly grow your text messaging lists by presenting website visitors with an opt-in form while browsing. Capturing visitor info early in the site experience maximizes list growth potential and conversion.

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What Are Website Popups?

Popups are opt-in forms that you can configure to appear over your website’s page content. They’re an extremely powerful and effortless way to grow your text marketing lists. Site popups can be shown based on timing and visitor behavior making it easy to target people at just the right time. Incentivize site visitors to subscribe with an exclusive offer and watch your list magically grow.

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Why Popups Are So Effective.

You’ll never know 95% of the people that visit your website. This means you’re losing the opportunity to know and re-engage people who should become valuable customers. Unlike collecting customer info during checkout, popup forms give you the opportunity to convert exponentially more site visitors into marketable contacts by reaching them earlier in the shopping process.

By turning visitors into subscribers, you gain the ability to influence their buying behavior both initially and in the future. Enable a full funnel marketing strategy and turn more visitors into buyers than ever before.

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Easy Process

How to Build a Web Popup.

Our drag-and-drop interface makes building popups a breeze. You can select from our library of gorgeous pre-built templates or start from scratch to create exactly what you want. Regardless of your choice, our tools are simple enough for the novice yet powerful enough for even the most advanced marketer.

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Select a Template Or Start Fresh

Our extensive library of templates gives you an array of design options to choose from. If you’re looking for more control, you can also start from scratch customizing every detail for a perfectly branded popup.

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Configure The Behavior

Maximize your popup’s conversion rate by presenting it to your site visitors at just the right time. Using our custom behaviors and targeting, you have full control over the user experience.

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Test and Launch Your Popup

Once you’ve nailed the design, simply toss the light-weight code snippet on your website and test it all out. Once happy, activate your popup and watch new subscribers start rolling in.

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Popup Faqs

While building and launching popups on your website is simple and straightforward, we’ve noticed some common questions people have before getting started. Below are the most frequently asked questions regarding setting up and going live with a popup on your site.

How do I get the popup on my site?

After creating your first popup, you’ll be given a special code snippet called a “SlickText Tag.” This code is unique to your account and powers all of your popups. Simply add this code before the closing </body> tag on each page of your website’s pages and you’ll be ready to go. If you have an e-commerce integration connected, the code will be auto-installed for you.

Do I need a new code snippet for each popup?

No, you do not need a new or different code snippet for each popup you create. Your SlickText Tag powers all popups and every one you create in the future. Once it’s installed on your site, you won’t need to touch it again.

How are the popups SEO friendly?

We’ve built our popups specifically with SEO in mind. All scripts load asynchronous to prevent the blocking of your webpage’s rendering process. All files are minified, compress, and served from CDN cache to optimize download speeds. Additionally, we only load what’s necessary for your popup to run. This prevents the browser from fetching files that aren’t absolutely necessary.

Will having a popup slow my site down?

Having a popup on your website will have an extremely small to no impact on your website’s page speed. It will never be noticeable to site visitors as everything required is loaded asynchronously behind the scenes.

What types of data can I collect?

In addition to mobile numbers, you have the ability to collect whatever data you want. From names and emails, to interests or other custom fields, you have the flexibility to capture it all.

Is there a limit on the number of popups I can create?

No, there is no limit to the number of popups you can have. It is recommended however to only have one active popup per website at any given time.

Why choose us

Why Choose SlickText For Your Popups?

There are a handful of companies out there that offer website popups. None are as good as ours. We’ve spent countless hours examining what makes a great popup and then crafting a best-in-class building experience. Here are just a handful of reasons why you should choose SlickText...

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Fully Brandable

Our builder is infinitely flexible giving you the tooling you need to build popups that match the styling of your website. Everything from colors to form fields and imagery, matching your brand is effortless.

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Customizable Timing and Behavior

Popup timing is key to optimizing opt-in rates. Showing your form at the wrong time will deter site visitors from subscribing. Our popups are highly configurable to show at just the right time based on the user’s behavior.

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Gorgeous Across All Devices

Our popups are uniquely optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile so you can be confident that your opt-in experience will be top-notch for all users.

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Carrier And TCPA Compliant

Staying complaint with laws and carrier guidelines is paramount to any successful SMS marketing program. Our popups boast the appropriate compliance verbiage, terms & conditions, and double opt in to keep your texting program in line.

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Capture Any Data

Need to capture specific customer data? Our popups support the collection of whatever data you’d like to capture from your subscribers. Adding new fields is as easy as dragging and dropping.

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SEO Friendly

Oftentimes website popups and other include scripts have a negative impact on search engine optimization. We’ve engineered ours to be as SEO friendly as possible. From caching to asynchronous processing, know that adding a popup to your site will keep the search engines happy.

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