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What is Text Message Automation?

Text message automation, simply put, is the automatic sending or triggering of text messages to individuals or groups of people with little or no manual intervention. Marketing automation has become increasingly popular with brands as it allows them to save time by pre-scheduling text messages to be sent in the future. Additionally, they are making use of other types of SMS automations by using time or action-based drip messages that are triggered by specific criteria.

With our SMS marketing software, you have several options for sending automated text messages. From the simple scheduling of texts to more complex recurring SMS and event-based messaging, our service provides both the ease and flexibility to engage with your audience how you see fit.

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Ways To Send Automated Text Messages

There are several different ways that you can send automated text messages. SlickText currently offers 7 specific features that allow you to put your SMS and MMS marketing on autopilot. The great news is that they're all easy to set up and allow for a deep level of customization.

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Automated Workflows

Workflows are automated sequences that subscribers can flow through that create a personalized experience for each person. With workflows you can send automated SMS messages and tailor your message content based on the behaviors of the individual. For example, you can send a text with a link and then follow after a period of time based on whether or not they clicked. They are perfect for creating SMS chat bots, collecting information, nurturing leads and more.

Building automated SMS workflows is as simple as dragging and dropping objects onto a canvas and connecting them all together. No coding required. No SMS marketing strategy is completed without this automation feature.

Sample of an automated SMS workflow
Sample of an automated SMS drip sequence
Drip messages

SMS Drip Messages

SMS drip messages are texts that are automatically sent to people a specific amount of time after subscribing to your SMS marketing program. This feature is 100% "set it and forget it." What's great about SMS drips is that you can chain several drips together to create a series of automated text messages to be sent to subscribers days, weeks, or even years after they initially engage. For example, if you'd like to follow up with someone 5 days after joining your text messaging list, you can easily do that with one or more drip texts.

You can make your drip text messages even smarter by applying what we call "segment filters." This allows you to send automatic text messages to people X number of minutes, hours, or days after they join but only if they match specific criteria you specify. Some examples could be whether or not they provided their name, clicked a link, or even made a purchase.

This is a very powerful feature that can be as simple or complex as you need. Regardless of the complexity, our app makes setting up these automated drips a breeze.

Sample of an automated SMS drip sequence
SMS Auto Replies


Autoresponders, also known as "auto replies", are the simplest and most common SMS automation tool. An autoresponder is simply an automated text message that is sent back to a person when they text a unique keyword to a short code or phone number. They are fully customizable and are sent immediately after a keyword is texted in.

Autoresponders are typically used to confirm subscriptions to SMS marketing programs or mass texting services. When someone joins a text messaging list, they receive an auto response that thanks them for joining and usually provides some additional offer or piece of information. Some businesses use autoresponders purely to provide information and set up hundreds of keywords that deliver specific responses to people seeking info on certain things.

Sample SMS auto response on iPhone
How to schedule automated SMS text message
Scheduling texts

Scheduled Text Messages

Scheduling text messages is one of the most common and easiest ways to take advantage of SMS automation. Our mass texting software makes scheduling a breeze. When composing a text message, you have the option to send it now, later, or on a regular basis. By choosing to send it later, you are provided with options to specify a date and time at which you want your text message to be sent. You can even choose which timezone your messages are scheduled to send in.

With scheduled texts, you can send appointment reminders, event reminders, stock replenishment alerts, and so much more. It's a must have feature when looking for a mass text app.

How to schedule automated SMS text message - mobile
Recurring messages

Recurring Text Messages

Recurring texts, also known as "repeating messages," are SMS messages that send automatically at regular intervals. Similar to scheduled text messages, recurring messages allow you to specify a time for the message to send but additionally, you can choose to have it repeat in the future.

With this tool, you can set text messages up to automatically send daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. We offer virtually unlimited scheduling options to give you the flexibility you need to put those important SMS messages on autopilot. As an example, you could set up a bulk text message to send to a list every other month, on the second tuesday of the month, at 3:15 PM. The options are endless. You can even combine these messages with our segmentation tools to target only people who meet specific criteria.

How to set up an automated recurring SMS message
Send automated abandoned cart text messages
Abandoned cart sms messages

Abandoned Cart SMS

If you own or operate an online store, you probably understand how much revenue is wasted due to abandoned orders. People are often filling up their shopping carts with goodies, starting the checkout process and then getting distracted and not completing their purchases. Text messaging is proving to be one of the number one ways to re-engage those lost customers, bring them back to your website and drive them to complete their purchases.

Our functionality for sending abandoned cart text messages is easy to set up and runs 100% on its own. Simply connect SlickText to your ecommerce site via an integration or API, configure the messages to be sent and sit back. Your automated text messages will begin sending out to those who leave your checkout flow with links that bring them back.

You can then view the performance of your cart recovery from our gorgeous analytics dashboard. From there you'll have access to all of the necessary data to ensure you're getting a positive ROI.

Abandoned cart SMS analytics
Birthday texts

Automated Birthday Rewards

Automated birthday text messages are one of the most fun and personal ways to engage with your customers or audience. This feature allows you to send text messages on or a specific number of days before your subscribers' birthdays. This is another set it and forget it feature that provides great value while requiring no effort whatsoever.

Birthdate collection is also 100% automated as subscribers are simply asked to reply back their date of birth when they join your text messaging list. All information is stored within the SlickText system and sends people a customizable text on their special day.

Sample of an automated happy birthday text message on iPhone

Reasons to Use SMS Automation

There are plenty of reasons why automating your text messages makes sense. In this fast paced world, the more you can automate, the more you can focus on other important tasks that require you to be hands on. Here are just a few reasons why you could be putting your SMS and MMS marketing campaigns on autopilot.

Setting up SMS automations is simple

Simple Setup

Setting up any of our automated text messaging features is as simple as possible. We believe that great marketing tools should be easy AND powerful. That's why we've built our SMS marketing software to be simple to use but with the ability to get as complex as necessary.

Hands free text messaging

Hands-Free Messaging

Setting up and sending automated SMS messages allows you to focus on other important areas of your business or organization. Let our mass texting service handle the grunt work of staying engaged with your audience so that you can place your attention elsewhere.

SMS returns

Consistent Returns

SMS automation provides consistent returns by messaging your audience on a smart and consistent basis. One of the main reasons why brands fail with outbound marketing is because it requires consistent, hands-on focus. By sending automated SMS, you can provide consistent value and stay top of mind with you customers.

SMS automation engagement

Intelligent Engagement

Automation can backfire if your messages are not relevant, engaging, or timely. By using our segmentation tool with all of our SMS automation features, you can create a higher level of assurance that each of your group texts sent provides value and is well accepted.

Why Choose SlickText to Send Your Automated Text Messages?

There are several text alert services out there. None rise to the level of overall quality and depth of features that SlickText offers. Here are a few reasons why we're your best bet for sending automated text messages...

Easy SMS setup

Setup Is a Breeze

Don't worry about the hassle of learning complex text messaging software. We've built every feature within our suite of SMS marketing tools to be dead simple to use; especially our automations. You'll love how quickly you can be up and running.

Flexible automation options

Flexible Automation Options

Most text marketing services offer very few automated options. We understand that you need to minimize the amount of time and effort you spend working with our software so that you can focus on your business. That's why we offer a wide array of features that can be 100% automated.

Automatic text app icon

Manage Everything On-The-Go

In addition to our outstanding desktop experience, you can also manage your automated text messages from our mobile app. Available for iOS and Android, you'll have full control over all of your settings just as you would from a computer.

Best SMS delivery rates

World Class Messaging Quality

There are a lot of different ways to send text blasts today. That includes a lot of low quality methods that save SMS services money but leave your texts undelivered. We don't use anything but the best North American SMS messaging routes to ensure the best possible delivery for your campaigns.

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Hundreds Of Other Features

While automation is an important component to any texting strategy, it's not all of it. Our SMS marketing service provides a ton of additional features and functionality at your fingertips for managing a complete text messaging program.

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Fanatical Support

Forget the frustrations of learning this all on your own. There's no doubt you'll have questions and we'll be here for you. Our knowledgeable support team has helped tens of thousands automate their messaging and is ready to do the same for you!

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