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Collect phone numbers and emails with text to join.

Text to join is the easiest way for organizations to collect phone numbers and email addresses. Whether you're looking to build an SMS marketing list or grow your base of email subscribers, text messaging is an excellent way to collect the data.

Thousands of organizations use our text to join services to opt people in and increase their overall reach. We've made it really simple.

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How Text to Join Works

Text to join, also known as "text to subscribe," is the ability for people to opt into mass texting and email marketing lists through SMS. People join by texting a unique keyword to a phone number. Once they send that text, they receive a customizable auto response confirming that their mobile number has been collected. At that point, if email addresses need to be captured, people can be asked to provide that as well. Let's look at how to set up a text to join system in a bit more detail...

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Setting Up Text to Join

We've made the process for setting up a text to join system painless. You can be up and running in just a few minutes. There are two simple steps for collecting phone numbers. If you're looking to have people text to join your email list, that's easy to set up as well. We'll cover that in more detail below. First, let's run through how to get things started.

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Create a Keyword

The first step in getting started with text to join is to set up a keyword. A keyword is a word or phrase that is unique to you that people will text to a phone number or short code. This is what kicks the entire opt in process off. It can be whatever you want however we recommend that you keep it short, easy to remember and spell.

When someone texts your keyword, they will instantly join your text messaging list. At this point, their mobile number is collected and you can start sending text blasts at any time.

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Configure Your Auto Reply

Immediately after someone texts to join your SMS list they will receive an automated response called an auto reply. These are also known as SMS autoresponders and are simple messages back to the person confirming that they've successfully opted in. In many cases, especially if you're growing a marketing list, you'll incentivize people with an offer in exchange for joining. This auto response SMS is what delivers on that incentive. If you're only looking to collect phone numbers, that's it. You're done.

If you want people to text to join your email list, there's an additional step that's quick to set up. Read on.

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Collecting Emails with Text to Join

Collecting emails via text to join requires 1 more step after someone opts into your text messaging list. All you need to do is enable our "email capture" feature. Once this is turned on, after someone receives their opt in confirmation, they will get another text asking to provide their email address. This message is also 100% customizable and will allow you to provide another incentive on top of the initial one for those who are willing to take this next step.

Once a person has texted their email and joined, there is one final confirmation text message back to them where you can thank them. That completes the entire process.

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Integrating With Email Services

Your collected email addresses are no good if they're just sitting around inside your SlickText account.

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The whole point of having people text to join your email list is to start emailing them. While you can easily download all of your captured emails with the click of a button, we've built integrations with several email marketing services like MailChimp, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, and others allowing you to pipe the collected emails to your favorite service providers.

All of our integrations sync email addresses in real time so there is no delay after someone texts to join. The process is 100% automated. You can even choose a separate email list to subscribe people to on a per keyword basis.

Text to Join Analytics

No text to join service is complete without a comprehensive analytics dashboard. We've built exactly that and give you visibility into all sorts of data. From opt ins and outs, to geographic and link click data, we give you insights into everything you could possibly want to know.

If people are texting to join your email lists, we'll even show you what the conversion rates are for people taking that step. All of our data is accurate and easy to understand.

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Why choose us

Why Choose SlickText For Your Text to Join Service?

There are a handful of text to join services out there. We feel we're the best. From an easy-to-use platform to the flexible options and reporting, we know you'll love our text messaging software. Here are just a handful of reason why you should choose us...

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Be Up and Running in Minutes

We've made the process for setting up text to join extremely simple. From the time you create your account, you can start collecting phone numbers and emails in under 5 minutes. It's so easy a baby could do it.

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Gorgeous on Desktop & Mobile

Our SMS marketing software is outstanding to use on both desktop and mobile devices. You can download our mobile app for iOS or Android and manage 100% of your text to join campaigns on the go.

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Flexible Collection Options

While setup is extremely easy, we provide a lot of additional features and functionality for those who want more complex text to join engagements. You can even use our SMS survey feature to collect any additional information besides just phone and email.

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Intelligent Engagements

Sometimes, people start the opt in process but don't finish. Our drip messages and other auto text messaging features can be used to nudge people along. After someone texts to join, you can intelligently re-engage those who don't provide their email or take the next steps.

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Lots of Integrations

We currently have direct integrations with over a half a dozen email marketing services. Through Zapier, we can connect to almost any other service you might be working with. Our text to join service makes it dead simple to connect with your favorite email provider.

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Excellent Customer Support

You might not be an expert on this whole text to join thing. That's why we're here. Our knowledgeable staff knows our platform in and out and is here to ensure you get things set up the way you need.

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