Text Marketing for Gyms

Don't take your gym members for granted. Fire out unique text marketing offers, and discourage clientele from going down the street to your competition.

text marketing and sms marketing for gyms

Sure, you might be a membership based business, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be communicating with, and marketing to your customers. A gym can use SMS marketing software to promote seasonal offers, encourage one on one training, run text to win contests, and more. If you don't make an effort to give your members a top of the line, personalized experience, they could easily go down the street to your competition.

How Text Marketing Works

The Keyword

Your keyword is what separates your text marketing list from another fitness center, studio, or business. You reserve a one word identifier that represents your facility, and then members text this word to a short code or dedicated phone number to join your list.

For example, let's say you're the director of marketing at Planet Fitness. You're responsible for delegating marketing strategy to all corporate locations. You might reserve the keyword PLANETFIT. Members can then text this word to 31996, and be added to your list.

The Auto Reply

After opting in to your members only list, opt ins will receive an automated text message back confirming their subscription. This message is called an auto reply. It might look something like this.

Thanks for joining the members only mobile rewards club at Planet Fitness! Show this text at the front desk for one free water bottle.

The Offer

Let's say your fitness center gathers 243 new opt ins in the first week of promoting your list. Outside of your auto reply, you want to make sure these members are regularly rewarded for their engagement. At the bare minimum, fire out an offer once a week. This will keep members engaged and involved.

Example Scenario

If you own a local gym or fitness center, welcome to the wonderful world of competition. Actually, if you live in larger community, there's probably dozens of different fitness facilities. You want to do something that distinguishes yours from the rest, and gives you a solid competitive advantage.

You've tried going hard on Facebook, but that's a tired platform. Fitness enthusiasts are used to being blasted by social media messages, and yours are no different. What does this mean? Potential members grow numb to your attempts at winning their business.

Here's an idea. What if you ran a bring a friend campaign? Instead of promoting this opportunity on Facebook, or even in your facility, you send it exclusively to text subscribers. You first announce opt in details via email, social media, and in store marketing materials.

You marketing copy reads, "Want to be rewarded every time you bring a friend to the gym? Text FITNESS to 31996, and we'll send you details about our new referral program."

Since hundreds of members try to sneak in their friends on a daily basis, this campaign peaks their interest. Your list grows quickly, and you include details about your new referral program in the auto reply message.

Because over 90% of all text messages are read within the first five minutes of delivery, this solution is crazy effective. You continue to reward new opt ins with weekly deals, and they stay loyal to your establishment while helping you grow with new referrals.

How Will SMS Grow Your Fitness Center?

Let's start off with these three common truths.

Text marketing is doing wonders for our customers. Fitness centers who follow our guidelines observe the following.

  • Increased foot traffic
  • Increased offer redemption
  • Boosts in brand awareness
  • Heightened customer engagement

What do these benefits have in common? Every single one increases revenue.

Why Choose SMS?

Out of all other marketing solutions, what makes texting perfect for restaurants?

  • Everyone can receive text messages.
  • Over 90% of all texts are read within the first five minutes of delivery.
  • The average American looks at their cell phone 150+ times a day.
  • 70% of Americans want to receive mobile offers from their favorite businesses.
  • It's affordable. At just pennies per text, it's cost effective.

These benefits just scratch the surface. Our platform also offers unparalleled customer support, user friendly features, and educational tools that empower you to succeed.

How to Get Started

1. Reserve Your Keyword

As stated above, your keyword is what distinguishes your list from other fitness centers. Reserve a keyword that is unique to your business and easy to remember. This will assure the best opt in rates for your list.

2. Set Your Auto Reply

Members want instant gratification. Your auto reply is a text message that sends back to subscribers after they opted in. In this message, you confirm their subscription, and also may include any offer redemption details.

3. Grow Your List

If you promote a valuable opt in incentive, your list will grow. Now, if your incentive is irresistible, but you don't promote your list, you won't see any engagement. Here's a few list growth techniques.

  • Post a text to join photo on Facebook.
  • Send out an email with opt in instructions.
  • Put up in store flyers.
  • Insert a sign-up widget on your website.
  • Ask members to sign up face to face.

4. Send Out Exclusive Offers

Sit down with your employees, and come up with a dozen or so high value campaigns. Then, schedule out your text marketing promos a month or two in advance. This helps you stay on top of your SMS promotions.

Remember, if your messages offer little to no exclusive value, members will opt out. This defeats the whole point of SMS marketing.

Sample Text Marketing Campaigns for Gyms

Exclusive Membership Deals

Don't take your paying members for granted. Fire out monthly deals that increase brand loyalty, and make your clientele feel rewarded for their engagement.

It's time to hop on the summer body bandwagon! From now until Friday add unlimited tanning to your membership for only $30!

Bring a Friend Promo

Don't just settle for average. Use text marketing to encourage gym members to bring their friends. Then reward them with an exclusive offer when they do.

It's Bring a Friend Friday! Refer a new member, and get them 25% off their first month. For you... receive $10 off your next bill!

Birthday Rewards

Want to regularly reward members, but don't have the time to compose weekly campaigns? Rely on our automated birthday text rewards feature.

Happy birthday from all of us at Project Fit! Stop down today and show this text for a free water bottle and Project Fit tee.

Testimonials from Our Customers

"SMS marketing at its finest!"

The website is set up really well. Everything is easy to get to. There's no clicking on five different things to get where you want to go. A great example of SMS marketing at its finest!

Scott B. - Snap Fitness
"They've made it simple enough for me!"

I use Slick Text to send alerts, cancellations, and specials to my clients. Text message marketing has proven itself to be the best method and although I'm not very computer savvy, they've made it simple enough for me!

Joe G. - Personal Trainer

Helpful Text Marketing Resources for Gyms:

Ready to learn more? That's great! Here are our very best resources for you. Check these out, and consider yourself halfway to becoming an SMS marketing expert!

Final Thoughts

Are you impressed by the opportunities SMS marketing affords? You should be! This mobile communication tactic helps you reward loyal members with high value offers that keep them frequenting your establishment.

Don't put off your fitness center growth. Hop on the texting bandwagon and sign up for your free plan today.

P.S. Not ready to sign up? Give us a call at 1.800.688.6290 or shoot us an email. We'll walk you through the entire process, and give you personalized recommendations.

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