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Easy To Use Software

Learning new software can be a challenge. Learning SlickText isn’t. We’ve built our text messaging service to be easy to learn and quick to use. Have your church up and running in minutes.

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Reliable Messaging

SlickText is a service you can trust with your most important messages. We maintain the highest quality SMS routes to ensure your messages reach your congregation.

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Customer Servants

Our awesome humans are fanatical about service. We’ve helped hundreds of churches connect with their communities at scale. Let’s make SMS the game changer it’s been for other ministries.

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The Complete Church Texting Messaging Toolkit

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Member List Growth and Management

Building text messaging lists is at the forefront of every church’s SMS strategy. It’s important that you have several entry points for members, staff, and volunteers to subscribe. Our texting service boasts the industry’s largest set of list growth tools to quickly and easily scale your audience. From texting to join to website popups and social post opt-in links, our platform will help you build your texting lists in no time.

It’s also likely that you’ll want to target separate cohorts of people with different messaging. Our church texting software makes it easy to maintain separate lists for members, staff, youth, or any other group you’d like to add. Additionally, our powerful segmentation engine allows you to narrow your lists further by creating segments based on data like age, interests, status, and more.

Church Texting List Growth Tools
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Connect In Meaningful Ways

Our software offers an incredible set of tools designed specifically for mobile engagement. From personalized hyper-targeted mass texting, to private one-on-one conversations, our texting service checks all the boxes for reaching church members quickly and effectively.

In addition to our communication tools, we offer other valuable capabilities that add value to your church’s SMS program. Use our surveys to collect member feedback. Build automated sequences to keep new visitors engaged. Or, use keywords for people to “text for info” and donate.

Congregation Engagement Tools
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Invite Staff and Leaders

A well functioning church texting program requires more than one person composing messages. With our software, you can invite others to join your SlickText account by giving them access to specific lists that they’re in charge of communicating with.

You’ll have lists for the entire community--youth, parents, small group members, and more. Each leader can have designated, limited access making it easier to develop a mobile-centric communication strategy.

Staff Communication Tools
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Helpful Automation

Automation equals efficiency. With SlickText, you can put a portion (or all!) of your text messaging on autopilot, without losing the personal touch, and save tons of time. Our automated workflows allow you to do just that. This incredibly flexible drag and drop tool allows you to build personalized sequences that engage one-on-one with people at scale.

Churches are using our text message automation to nurture and convert first time visitors into members, create welcome series, facilitate Q&As, send daily inspirations, and a whole lot more. They are scheduling recurring mass text messages and even sending happy birthday texts to members and staff.

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Church Texting Automation Tools
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Clear Analytics

Part of a successful church texting program is understanding how the congregation is responding to your texts. Our analytics dashboards and reporting deliver important insights with key metrics like subscribe and unsubscribe rates, link click engagement, and response sentiment. This data helps you tune your strategy and zero in on what’s working best.

Church Texting Analytics Dashboard
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Supported By Awesome Humans

Everyone needs help along the way. That’s precisely why we’ve placed service at the center of all we do. With one-on-one onboarding, dedicated success managers, and fanatical customer support, our teams of people behind the product will give your church unmatched support at every step.

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