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Why is the Link in My Text Not Clickable?

Sometimes a link may not be fully clickable in the text message. It is important to note that whether or not a link is clickable inside a text message has nothing to do with SlickText, but has all to do with the capabilities of the phone's software. If the phone is advanced enough, it will recognize a link and make it clickable to the end user on their cell phone.

With recent updates to both IOS and Android, you may experience some issues with links not being clickable. The issues seem to be related to the "https://" part of a hyperlink. Some androids might not make the entire link clickable.

In an IOS software update in mid 2016, Apple gave their devices the capability to recognize a link, search the web to provide a preview, and separate that preview from the actual SMS. This is known as the "Tap to Load Preview."

To remove the iPhone's ability to identify and use the "Tap to Load Preview' feature, simply remove the 'https://' from the beginning of your link. This will help prevent IOS from creating a separate preview and help android phones hyperlink the entire link within your text message.

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