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What's the Difference Between Express Message Delivery and Standard Message Delivery?

There are a few key factors to point out when comparing the effectiveness of Express Message Delivery and Standard Messages Delivery. Standard message delivery is extremely cost efficient, in that any service provider using this method sacrifices their own reliability in message delivery for a cheaper sending rates. Many fly-by-night companies prefer to use these "gray routes" to send out their customers' mass texts as a way to cut corners. The problem with the standard service is the delivery rates are not consistent. Your texts may get caught up in email spam filters and not even make it to your subscribers' device. 

Express Message Delivery uses the exact same sending routes as the major carriers: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. This guarantees the most optimal delivery rates and speeds are being hit. Because of this, SlickText has only ever and will only ever use Express Message Delivery to send out your mass messages.

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