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What Number Do People Send My Textword to?

When users text to join your list, they are texting in your textword (keyword) to our shortcode. A shortcode is a 5-6 digit number which has been provisioned to be used for mass texting purposes. By logging into your SlickText account, you can find the shortcode number associated with your account. This number will be on the footer of every page, and will be spread in various areas such as the textword main page and auto reply page.

The default shortcode number that all users are given upon account creation is: 31996. This is not the only shortcode number offered however. A list of SlickText's available shortcodes is below...

  • 31996
  • 69922 (Paid plans only)
  • 888111 (Paid plans only)

You can request to change the shortcode number associated with your account at anytime so long as you are on a paid plan. New shortcodes can be provisioned as well if you are interested in having your own dedicated number for mass texting. Reach out to the support team to do so.

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