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What Kind of List Growth Should I Expect?

Estimating growth of your subscriber list is crucial in assuring the right steps are being taken to have a successful mass texting program. By accurately estimating subscriber growth, you can set attainable goals and objectives to reach said expected growth.

To help determine your estimates, we have pieced together a few samples from our experiences with customers. Restaurants, retail stores, and churches; all industries have different opt in rates. Depending on the industry you are in, your estimated growth may or may not match up with our below formulas.

Steady Business Growth Formula: Customers/day x 20% = Growth/day

  • Growth depends on proactiveness
  • Agressive growth typically starts to slow after the 6-8 month mark

Initial Church Growth Formula: Attendance size/service x 60-80% = Growth

  • After your initial launch, growth will dramatically decrease
  • Regular growth after your initial launch will stay steady at 3-8% per service

We highly recommend utilizing SlickText's team for a 1 on 1 training session (a FREE option available for any paid customer, starting at $49), and reading up on our best practices guidelines. Training sessions can be scheduled through our support team at: 800-688-6290

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