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What is the Opt In Links Feature?

SlickText's Opt In Link feature offers a new, unique way to allow mobile users to join your text list! This feature will allow for any mobile user to click on a link which then populates the text to join information into their text interface on their cell phone. The end result for the user is the same as texting in to join your list, but things just got a whole lot more creative!

As an example, Instagram allows for subscribers to swipe to visit whichever link is in the post, so long as the account holder has 10k or more subscribers. Imagine swiping to join the text list, how easy that would be! Whatsmore, you can place a "click here" button onto your mobile website and once clicked, people are in. All they have to do is hit send.

To create your very own opt in link, head over to Marketing Tools in your SlickText account. Next, click on Generate Links. Now just choose the textword which you would like the link to be created for and hit generate. A link will present itself to you which can be used right away. To test, make sure you are on a mobile device as this feature specifically and only uses the text interface on mobile devices.

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