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What happens when I run out of messages?

Found in: Messages

When you run out of messages you will not be able to send any outbound campaigns. This would include any scheduled messages, instant messages and birthday messages. However; we will continue to deliver your auto-reply messages to allow you to continue to grow.

The next time you log-in you will see that your allotment is beyond your plan size and you can simply upgrade at that time. If it goes past a certain percentage we will also contact you to upgrade. At that point if you were over your usage in messages it will adjust using the difference that will be depositted into your account.

Example: You are on the 5000 message plan and you go over your plan size by 1000 messages. Your total usage would be 6000 messages for the current month. Then you upgrade to the 10000 message plan. That is a difference of 5000 messages. Since you were 1000 over your plan size it will substract the 1000 from the difference which would give you an additional 4000 messages instantly.

Note: There are no overage charges with SlickText.

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