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What Happens if I Have More Subscribers Than I Have Texts Available?

Because your text allotment represents the amount of available texts you have left in your billing period, having more subscribers on a given textword list than having texts available will cause your outbound mass text to not send. You will be notified when this happens as well. In this scenario, you will need to upgrade your plan to accomodate your list size and push out your message.

There is 1 unique situation where SlickText has realized this may be a problem: the auto reply. What happens if your text allotment is maxed out for the month and a subscriber joins your list?

SlickText will continually allow the auto reply to be sent out to your subscribers, completing their subscription to your text list. Your allotment will go into overage at this point. There are NO FEES for overages in your account for this scenario. If you notice this has happened with your account, simply upgrade your plan size to make up the difference. Otherwise a rep will reach out to you to help adjust your plan size to make up the difference.

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