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What Does Choosing "0" for the Number of Winners do?

Selecting or changing the number of winners chosen by SlickText's Text to Win Context to "0" will stop the system from sending any winning messages out. In retrospect, this also stops any losing messages from being sent out. Not only are the messages not sent out however, no winners or losers are chosen at all. This allows for the user to choose the winner(s) instead of the system.

A good example of where this may be useful is when trying to qualify the subscriber. In certain scenarios, you may only want a local winner to be chosen. However if a text to win contest is advertised online, a subscriber from out of state may have joined the contest after seeing the online ad. By opting in, the system will still allow them to be chosen as the winner. However since the winner needs to only be selected from instate, this poses a problem.

Vetting subscribers, based on location or other criteria, will allow you to accurately choose only a qualified winner to ensure the contest is running as you see fit.

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