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Survey Advanced Options - Capturing Subscriber Information

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In this article, we will be reviewing Advanced Survey Options. SlickText's survey feature is quite robust. Not only is it a great tool to gather feedback with, but it also allows you to map people's responses to the fields on their subscriber records. This allows you to segment and target subscribers based on responses.

Imagine, the next time you send a text message for a NEW item in your shop, you are able to target users who have voiced an interest in that exact item type! Hyper targeting subscribers is not a new practice, but it is extremely effective.

For example: If in your survey, you send out a multiple choice question asking people to choose their favorite article of clothing from your website.

A. Dresses

B. Skirts

C. Shirts

D. Slicktext Apparel (coming soon....?)

Once your subscribers respond, you are now able to save their response to their subscriber profile, found under the Contacts tab. Awesome, right? Now just segment and send out your targeted mass text!


How It's Done

It's good to have a basic understanding of how surveys work before hopping into the advaced features. If you are just getting started with setting up surveys, we recommend checking out our survey tutorial video. Then head over to...

  • Marketing Tools
  • Manage Surveys
  • Options
  • Edit Survey
  • Step 2: Survey Questions -> Options

From here, click on the ⚙️ icon for the question who's answer you would like to save to your subscribers' profiles. You will notice at the bottom of the question, there is an option called: ⚙️Advanced Options. Click this to reveal a drop down box. This is simply the field you are looking to save the customer responses to. For example, first name, email, etc. That's it!

And as always test, test, test!


Still have questions? Check out our tutorial video here!



How do I ask for custom information, such as employment position, favorite color, or other preferences?

This is a great question! You may notice that when accessing the drop down under the question's advanced option, there are a limited number of "fields" to choose from. Very likely, a field specific to your needs would not be readily available. Never fear! With the power of SlickText's Custom Field feature, you are able to create up to 10 custom fields of information.

Learn more about this option by watching our custom fields tutorial video!


What information can be captured using the advance segmenting options?

There are no boundaries for the types of questions you can ask your subscribers. This means you can really dive in deep to receive our customer's personal information that can be added to their profile. Many of the common fields of information that our most successful customers tend to ask for are below.

  • First and Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Birthdate
  • Employment Position (ie. manager, sales rep, HR, etc.)
  • Most frequently purchased apparel item
  • and many more!

As with any survey, keep in mind that longer surveys usually have lower completion rates. Get a feel for what you need versus what your subscribers are willing to give. Surveys with a maximum of 3-4 questions will gauge a much higher completion rate than surveys with 7-8 questions.


Can I capture first and last name in one question?

Yes you can! We offer a proprietary system. In lamens terms, our system is able to detect when a user responds with multiple words in their response. To help clean up the flow for capturing subscriber information in the survey, you are now able to capture first and last name with a single question.


Start by using an Open Ended Question. Then ask for both first and last name. Next, simply Choose first name as the advanced field option for your question. If a user responds with 2 words (usually first and last name), our system will sort the information into the correct fields in their subscriber profiles.

*Note: This only works for the first and last name fields. There are no options to capture multiple pieces of information outside of these two in a single question.

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