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Mobile Coupons - Step 2: Content

Step 2: Content

The coupon content represents the text and imagery that your subscribers see upon opening the coupon on their cell phone. Here you will focus on writing out your offers, branding, call to action, fine print, and more.



This is a good place to restate your business name or organization, though you are not limited to this. A few examples are below.

  • Slicktext VIP Club
  • Happy Birthday
  • Black Friday Sale
  • Flash Sale


Offer Image

By clicking on the browse button, you can now upload an image right into the coupon. Be sure to upload a high resolution photo as you do not want the image to be granular. Image files supported are png, jpg, and gif. There are no specific size requirements for the image as the coupon fills to meet the device size, however 700 pixels in width is a recommended base line to start at.



Write out the offer that the user will receive. Keep things simple here.


Offer Description

This is a good place to redefine your offer. For example, some offers require a purchase to be made in order to redeem the offer. Outline that portion here. Additionally, this is a great place to make the call to action clear. An example description is below.

Receive 1 FREE Burger with any fries and drink purchase. Valid on at XYZ location. Must show at checkout to redeem.


Redeem Button Text

To allow your subscribers to redeem their reward (and for you to track and prevent abuse), there is a redemption button available with customizable text. Keep things simple here such as: Redeem Now! or Associate Click Here!


Vote Up Button Text

Verbiage seen when casting a thumbs up vote. Examples: Love it! or It's Tasty!


Vote Down Button Text

Verbiage seen when casting a thumbs down vote. Examples: Hate it! or It's Burnt!


Fine Print

Largley unseen, the fine print allows you to outline restrictions, limitations, or additional requirements for offer redemptions. Fine print shows up at the bottom of the coupon. A solid boiler plate fine print template is below.

Limited to 1 per person. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Offer expires in 14 days or upon use. Must show at checkout to redeem. Valid only at X location.

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