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Mobile Coupons - Step 1: Settings

Step 1: Settings

Your coupon settings represent everything behind the scenes for your coupon. Coupon information such as coupon name, description, and core functions, can be found here. This is the breakdown for each option in this Step.


Coupon Name (Customer will not see)

The title given to your coupon is very important. This is the identifying factor when choosing which coupon gets sent out in your text message. As opposed to calling your coupons something generic, such as: $5 OFF, or BOGO offer, try getting creative here. This will save you from a world of hurt in the long run, as you will easily be able to distinguish which coupons were previously used from ones that are not used.

Example: Birthday Coupon - FREE Dessert

Example: Oct 21st Campaign - $5 OFF

Example: Black Friday - 50% OFF ALL Inventory

Keep in mind that your subscribers do not see the coupon name. So feel free to place anything here that helps you identify your coupon!


Coupon Description

Not much to say here. This is just a spot for you to make any notes about the coupon for your own use.


Allow Only 1 Redemption Per Person?

Choose whether your coupon is only redeemable 1 time (YES) or multiple times (NO). There is a secondary drop down here as well which has a secondary affect on the (YES) option. In certain scenarios, you may want a coupon offer to be redeemed only one time, but then be able to offer it again for use after so much time has passed.

For example: Birthdays come once per year. To keep your birthday texts going for years to come, you would select (YES) the offer is only able to be redeemed 1 time: but can be redeemed again after 1 year. This is a major assistance in full account automation for the birthday feature!


Apply an Expiration Date

YES! or no. The choice is yours.


Expiration Date OR Days Till Expiration

Most coupons have an expiration on them somewhere. This can come in 1 of 2 forms. Either coupons come with an expiration date, or a days until expiration. Though these options sound similar, there is a BIG difference.

Expiration Date: If you are looking to expire the coupon on an exact date, this is the route for you. Either type the date in to the box here (mm/dd/yyyy) or take the easy route; click on the text box and find the date you want the coupon to expire. The information will then populate automatically.

Day Until Expiration: This feature allows users to receive a specific amount of time that they can use the coupon within until the coupon expires. This is great for scenarios in which you are not sure when users will receive your coupon. To use this option, simply type a number, such as: 14

Example: The auto reply goes out to subscribers based on when THEY joined your list. A person can join your list today, tomorrow, or sometime in November. Regardless of when they join, they will now be giving X amount of time to redeem your offer within.


Allow Users to Vote

Selecting Yes here will generate a clickable thumbs up and thumbs down option closer to the bottom of your coupon. This function allows you to gain additional feedback about the value of your offer, in your customers' eyes.


Coupon Colorway

Find the color you are looking for, that will outline your coupon. Sometimes it helps to upload your image first and then adjust the coupon border and text colors based on the image upload (see Step 2 for uploading your image).

For those familiar with color hexes, just type in your preferred color hex to code generate those sweet shades. 😎

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