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Is SlickText Available in Canada or Internationally?

SlickText is able to provide mass texting out of the box both for the US and Canada, along with international texting for many other countries under the right circumstances.

US Texting

Services available in the US can be used right out of the box. Any US phone number will be able to subscribe to any of the 3 shortcode numbers available with our service: 31996, 69922, 888111. 10 digit numbers can also be made available for any paid plan at no additional cost. US plans can be found here


Canadian Texting

Canadian services are also available through SlickText however only with 10 digit numbers. Certain major carriers in Canada have declined the availability of using shared shortcodes as of 2020. When you sign up for a Canadian account, will you be able to secure either a local 10 digit number or a toll free number. Canadian plans can be found here


International Texting

International messaging can also be made available based on the country and volume. For international pricing options, reach out to us at:

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