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Step 1 - Basic Set Up

Step 2 - Survey Questions

Step 3 - Survey Completion



Whether you are a large organization meeting the needs of your many customers, or just getting started on your business adventure, it’s important to take a moment to breathe, relax, and review. What are your strengths as a company? What are your weaknesses? And most importantly, how can you tell?

Welcome to the world of surveys, where good feedback makes you feel… good; and where bad feedback makes you feel empowered to do better! Leveraging the power of SlickText's survey feature, you can now focus on what sells, and where to improve. Here’s how you set up a survey in your Slicktext account.

First things first:

There are 3 simple steps to setting up a survey. Let’s break down each step below.


Step 1 - Basic Setup


Survey Name

What's in a name? This is simply just a title for your survey. This name will appear when performing simple actions such as editing a survey, or reviewing survey specific analytics.

Survey Description

Place a description here to remind yourself of what the survey is for.

Please select which textword this survey is for…

Choose the textword that will be used with this survey.

Should texting your textword kick off the survey?

This allows you to send the survey out to the current subscribers on this list (No), or for users to text in your textword to start your survey (Yes).

A Person may take this survey once….

Choose how often a user is able to take your survey. You can limit the frequency to once ever, once per day, week, etc.

Should responses to this survey be anonymous?

In some scenarios, you may not want to see who is leaving the feedback. If this is the case for you, select “YES” from the drop down menu.

Active Status

This helpful tool allows you to create surveys without starting them right away. When green, your survey is live. When gray, your survey is saved as a template for future use.


Step 2 - Survey Questions

There are 3 types of questions (known as response types) available to ask. Each one is unique and allows you to draw specific feedback from your customer base.

A.) Numeric Response

It’s important when creating your question here that you tell the customers what the range for answers will be. The range on this response type is 1-2 through 1-10. Only numerical responses within the set range will be accepted as valid answers. ­

B.) Multiple Choice

For this response type, answers are sent back in the form of the corresponding letter. The limit on the amount of answers is 26, based on the number of letters of the alphabet. The best surveys, however, will limit choices to 4 or less.

C.) Open Ended

This response type is the most versatile, as your subscribers have the option to leave you feedback in their own words. Provide your users with an open ended question to respond to. Your question can be quite diverse here, ranging from asking for feedback, to asking for personal information such as name and email.


Step 3 - Survey Completion

Completion Message

Take some time to thank your subscribers for leaving you feedback! This can be a short thank you, or a sweet offer for helping you understand their needs better. This is the final text sent to users upon completion.

Request Opt In?

At this point, your survey is done and completed. However in some cases, you may want to request that users who did take the survey, but are NOT subscribed to your text list, opt in to receive your future texts. If this is the case for you, select “YES” from the drop down. Keep in mind, these users will need to respond back YES to the final message to complete their subscription. If not, simply click Save Survey, that’s it!

And as always, test the survey yourself before pushing it live to ensure it’s up to snuff!


Still have questions? Check out our tutorial video here!

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