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How many messages per month do I need?

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Assuming one of our in house pros has trained and helped develop your text marketing campaign and you are a well qualified customer for text marketing you can see anywhere from 30% or higher opt-in rate when you follow your outlined growth methods.

You also need to figure out if you want to capture customers birthdays, and emails addresses during the opt-in process. If so for each additional feature turned on you will use an additional 2 messages. If you just have the birthday feature turned on it will use 3 messages total per subscriber to capture their birthday and if you have both birthday and email capture turned on you will use a total of 5 messages per subscriber.

That being said, if you present the opportunity to join your text list to 100% of your customer population you can expect to see a 30% opt-in rate. Knowing this number will help you understand how many messages you will need for growth the first 6 months. Here is an example: 1000 customers/month x 30% opt-in rate = 300 subscribers. This means you will need 300 messages for your growth without the birthday or email capture feature turned on. If you have one of those two features turned on multiple your end number by 3, and if both turned on multiple it by 5.

Once you have the growth number established you need to figure out how many messages per month you want to send to your subscribers. For a restaurants it shouldn't be more then 4/month, for retail locations no more than 2/month, and for any organization using it for internal communications you may be sending a larger amount depending on what you need to send out that month. Take your frequency (number of messages per month) and multiple it by your subscriber list. Example: 300 (subscirbers) x 4 (4 campaigns sent per month) = 1200 messages/month.


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