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How Do Rollover Messages Work?

SlickText is proud to be one of the only platforms to offer rollovers as an added perk to our premium customers! Most platforms will take away unused text messages at the renewal of your monthly bill. With SlickText, if you're on a paid plan, any text messages that you do not use will automatically carry over into the next month. Rollover texts are good for 3 months at a time or until used, whichever comes first.

Rollovers are a perk of maintaining a paid subscription or upgrading. When you downgrade or cancel your plan, it is important to note that you will forfeit any rollovers accumulated. Upgrading your account will not affect your rollovers.


How to Use Rollover Texts

Rollover texts will be used automatically by the system. You do not have to take any steps in order to use them. Rollovers will piggyback off of your standard texts. This means once the normal standard allotment is used, your rollovers will start being used automatically, oldest to newest.

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