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How Do I Use Smart Links, and Why Should I Use Them?

A valuable building block of SMS marketing, Smart Links allow you to shorten and track your links and segment contacts based on who did or did not click your link. In the oversaturated noise of the e-commerce market, Smart Links help you more effectively reach your most — and least — engaged customers. 

How to Use Smart Links 

With SlickText’s proprietary Smart Link tracking technology, you are able to track not only the total number of clicks you’ve received per campaign, but also who has clicked your links. To take it a step further, you can save this select group of people to a specific segment for future re-targeting purposes.  

All you need to do to create a Smart Link is create a new message and type a link. The SlickText platform will recognize the link and offer the option to shorten and track it. You can then name your Smart Link and add a merge tag that will be converted into a number. The number will help track whether your contacts clicked the link. 

Once you’ve created a Smart Link, you can enter your text words page to create a new segment based on whether or not the link was clicked. This way, you can easily reuse the same Smart Link for contacts who did not click, or create a new link and target the people who already clicked the previous link. 

Smart Links and Integrations

With our Shopify integration, you’re able to take Smart Links a step further and easily track the total revenue gained per campaign, as well as the spend value for each of your individual subscribers. With our Workflows tool, you can utilize the data obtained from your Smart Link campaigns to automatically retarget your high-value customers. Smart Links are also a simple and intelligent way to target your subscribers who have favored a certain category of inventory.

Why Use Smart Links?

The goal of every brand marketer is to build brand loyalty, but many brands struggle with creating engaging, attention-getting content. One of the biggest mistakes many marketers make is casting too wide of a net when communicating with their SMS subscribers. 

According to Forbes and several other reports, 95% of texts are opened and read within the first three minutes of being delivered. With the average click-through-rate (CTR) for SMS being 29%, the mistake we see marketers make is still trying to win over the other 71% of their subscribers who are not engaged. This often leads to SMS campaigns and credits being wasted on subscribers who are no longer interested but have yet to opt out of your list 

Let’s say you have 100,000 subscribers, send out a message promoting your upcoming holiday sale, and receive a 29% CTR. Of those 29,000 subscribers, the average conversion rate or purchase rate from SMS campaigns is 47%, meaning you received 13,630 orders. With the global average e-commerce order value being $110, you just earned $1,499,300 in revenue and a 74,865x ROI. 

Now, imagine sending targeted SMS campaigns to your most engaged subscribers. You’ve now reduced your marketing spend on that particular campaign by $1,420 and increased your ROI by 113%. 

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