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How Do I See My Opt Outs?

When a subscriber replies: STOP, END, or CANCEL, they will be anonymously removed off of your list. Their number will be recorded in the system as opted-out. For privacy and protection of future harassment of the account, these opt-outs are not shown. This prevents the account holder from accidentally sending future texts to opt outs.

Fear not, as you are not left without analytics in regards to your opt outs. To view the number of users who have opted out of any given textword list, and the percentage of the total, take the following steps.

  1. Click on the HOME tab in your account
  2. On the left-hand side (in the black box) click on VIEW ANALYTICS
  3. Choose the textword on the left
  4. Sort your date range at the top right

From here, scroll down just a short way to see the analytics over the course of the timeframe chosen. Opt outs, opt ins, total opt ins, and opt out percentages are all shown here.

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