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How Do I Extend My Character Limit Past 160 Characters?

Found in: Messages

If you did not know, you do have the ability to request extended message length. This would allow you to send an SMS message up to 960 characters long. Just remember that every 160 characters counts as 1 SMS used. To request Extended Message Length be turned on, please email or call us at 800-688-6290 during normal hours.

An alternateive available route for paid plans would be the use of MMS picture messaging. When you attach a photo to an outbound text, you will notice that your message length jumps to 1600 available characters. This is because it converts from an SMS (Short Message Service) to MMS (Multimedia Message Service). Every MMS you send out it will deduct more than 1 message per MMS per subscirber. MMS messages are much more expensive to send than standard SMS messages.


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