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How Do I Delete a Contact From My List?

For the purposes of achieving the correct end goal, it's important to recognize that there are 2 options for removing a subscriber from your text list: Opt Out and Delete. Both processes are quick and easy, but serve 2 different purposes. To find either option...

From here, delete and opt out both appear. Deleting a subscriber will completely remove any data or history linked with said subscriber, as if they never existed on your list to begin with.

Example: This option is ideal if you are looking to remove yourself from the list to allow yourself to text to join again. You will now receive the auto reply again.

Opting out a subscriber will allow SlickText to maintain the history of the subscriber as it pertains to the textword you are opting them out of. If this user was to text to join again, the initial text they are met with will be a "welcome back" message instead of the auto reply.


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