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How Do I Add Contacts/Subscribers?

There are quite a few ways that a person can become subscribed to your text list; all of which require consent from the subscriber prior to adding them in. The following options are available in your SlickText account:

Text to Join - The most common method for a user to be added to your list is for them to text to join your list. Simply enough, your subscriber will text your TEXTWORD to the SHORTCODE number assigned for your account. Upon doing so, they user will be met automatically with your auto reply, customizable by you!

Opt In Web Form - A second, and still popular option, is to allow users to sign up using SlickText's digital opt in web form. This web form allows your subscribers to join your list from a locations such as your website, tablet, and more. It also allows them to enter additional information that you request, such as: birthday, email, location information, or custom questions! Learn more by watching the web form tutorial video.

API - This opt in method is perfect for those looking to integrate a different software such Shopify or Hubspot with Slicktext. For example, upon cashing out online, a subscriber may submit to have their mobile number to receive marketing messages. The API will pass this information from said software over to Slicktext via API integration, sending the user a double opt in text.

Manual Add - This option can be found under the CONTACTS tab on the header of your Slicktext account. Then find tools at the top right, and the first option will be to manually add a contact. This option is useful for internal testing with your team or family. Keep in mind there is a limit of adding only 10 contacts manually, in an effort to ensure only consenting users are added to your text list.

Upload - A common request for users who have a customer list or previously subscriber list from another provider, the upload feature will be the most useful tool. The upload option is available for paid plans only, and under the special circumstances where proof of consent has been shown to the SlickText crew. If you have a list of contacts that you would like to upload, please reach out to us and we can assist!


Note for all methods: Proof of written consent via electronic signature or physical form is a must in order to text any users. Texting anyone without having their express written consent can result in violations of their privacy rights. This can lead to spam complaints and hefty fines in a court of law. If you are unsure where you stand with your customer list, let the SlickTeam team help!

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