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How Can I Pause My Subscription?

SlickText offers a subscription based service. We feel this offers the most flexibility for you to adjust your plan with us, as there is no contract. The subtle difference between the service SlickText offers and most subscriptions though is that our service offers connectivity to the mobile carriers. As the carriers require payment for this connection, we do as well. This connection allows you to maintain the abiliity to connect with your subscribers via text, maintain your connection to the shortcode or longcode numbers in your account, and allows subcribers to continue to opt in. As such, while you have the free regin to move up and down in your plan size, the option to "pause" your account is not available. This would void out your account's connection to the carriers, cancelling your plan.

There are however alternative options for users who operate a seasonal business, such as haunted attractions, outdoor summer amusement parks or resorts, etc. To find out if you qualify to move into seasonal billing based on your industry, please contact us immediately so we can help plan the details of your billing structure!


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