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How Can I Capture My Subscribers' Names or Other Information?

Whenever possible, it's always in good taste to be able to personalize your messages being sent out to your subscriber list. Whether you want to target people based on their name, location information, job position, or other, your subscribers will enjoy that personal touch. So the question is, how do you capture their personal information?


4 Methods to Capturing Subscriber Information

Slicktext has devised 4 methods for adding in your subscribers' information to their profile. From here, you are able to personlize your outbound campaigns, segment your list, and use SlickText as a means to house data that you would not be able to otherwise.


1.) Data Sync

SlickText's Data Sync feature is the perfect option for a user who already has their subscribers' information outside of SlickText in a database. Employers largely take advantage of this option to fill in missing name, position, location, and department information for their opt-ins. The feature is as simple as using a CSV file which is uploaded into the system. Then select which columns of information will be uploaded to the subscribers' profiles. Then hit sync.


2.) Opt In Web Form

If you are looking for a method to gain the personal information of subscibers as they join your list, SlickText's Opt In Web Form is the way to go. This form can double as both an method of opt in and as a means to capture subscriber information. The form can be customized to ask your would-be subscribers any information you would like. It also offers the option for preordained drop down choices and options to make the fields required before being able to submit the form. 

Your Opt In Web Form can be found under the Marketing Tools section of your SlickText account. It is available on both the free and paid plans. With a little time, you will learn to master the creation tool, showing off your personal touch! 


3.) Survey

A survey is typically seen as a feedback tool, turning over the reigns to your customers and having them speak to you regarding your company/business' performance. SlickText's survey tool does this as well, but can also be manipulated to simply ask your subscribers for information, which is then saved to their profile. 

Surveys can either be sent out to your existing list of subscribers or can be made to be sent out to new subscribers as soon as they text in to join. To set up a survey to capture subscriber information, head to marketing tools and create a new survey. In Step 2, determine the question type and content. Below the text box shown, there will be an advanced option which allows you to add the subscriber's response to a field in their profile. That's it!  


4.) Data Capture Form

Much like the opt in web form, the data capture form is also a digital form which is completed by subscribers to give you additional information. So what's the difference? The web form spoken about above is a means to allow "would be" subscribers to sign up to your text list, while also submitting additional information about themselves. The data capture form is different in that it allows current subscribers to submit additional information about themselves.

Why are there 2 different forms?

If a user fills out your web form, they are then signed up to your text list. If this same form is sent out to a current subscriber, upon form submission, there will be an error message. This occurs because the user is already susbcribed to your text list, therefore they are not able to sign up again, thus voiding out the form. That's where the data capture form steps in. This form is specifically just for current subscribers. In fact, even the error message is reversed on this form. If a non-subscriber attempts to fill out this form, an error message stating: "Your number is not found in the system" will appear.

What's an example of when to use the data capture form?

A great example of when to use the data capture form is when you simply need to capture any information about your subscibers such as name, favorite food, location, employee ID, etc. You can even couple this form to send out in a drip campaign, which targets subscribers X amount of time after they join your list. This way, everyone is given the opportunity to complete the form. Any outbound campaign can house the link to the form, so get creative!


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