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How Are Messages Counted?

With SlickText, we only deduct outbound messages from your total text allotment for the month. Since inbound messages are covered, it's easier to define the plan size you will need for the coming month. Simply take the number of campaigns you want to send, multiplied by the number of subscribers on your list. 

For example: If you have 250 subscribers on your text list and you want to send out 4 campaigns this month, then 1,000 text messages would need to be in your allotment. Keep in mind your list will grow and other automated messages may be enabled in your account as well. Features to keep in mind would be the auto replies, birthday texts, drip campaigns, and any scheduled messages.

An appropriate plan size in the above example would be $79 for 2,000 texts. This leaves you plenty of wiggle room to grow your list and ensure all messages are being delivered, maximizing your campaigns' effectiveness. Plus, any unused messages are turned into rollovers at the renewal of your billing period.


Note: Not all message types are equal in terms of message deduction. Features such as extended length messaging and picture messaging will use more texts from your allotment. 

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