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How are messages counted?

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Let’s say you have 1000 subscribers signed up for your text marketing list, and your plan allows for 2,000 messages per month. If you send out 1 campiagn (outbound message to your list) you will use 1,000 messages, one message for each subscriber. Like the cellular providers (AT & T, Verzion etc..), each phone counts as one separate message. If you wanted to send 4 campaigns to 1000 subscribers per month, you would need at least 4,000 messages per month. 

Also keep in mind, when sending pictures (MMS) it is much more expensive then sending just a SMS Message. When you send a MMS message it counts as 3 messages used per subscriber. You can include a text message with the picture or without and it is still only counts as 3 messages used per subscriber. As a reminder Picture Messaging (MMS) is only available to paid customers.

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