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Does Merging Contacts Remove Subscriber From My Contest?

Found in: Contests

The short answer: no. Merging contacts simply moves contacts from one textword list to another, while leaving behind any duplicates. However, moving contacts will NOT remove said contacts from the text to win contest they are in. Thefore, subscibers are still eligible to receive either a winner or losing message at any point during the contest.

Here's an example of when this may apply to you. Keep in mind the text to win contest is used as an alternate incentive option to grow your subscriber list, many times to send out future messages (marketing or communications).

At this point, you like have 2 textwords set up. A typical use case here is having 1 textword list as a master list, containing all contacts for mass communications. The second textword would be used as an alternate to get some sign ups via text to win. If at any point during the running of the contest you are looking to send out a mass text to ALL subscribers, you will first want to merge any newly gained subscribers from your text to win contest textword. Now your mass text will include all unique subscriber on your "master list."


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