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Can I Update or Sync Missing Information to My Contacts?

Yes! SlickText offers a quick and easy to use tool that we like to call our "Data Sync Feature." It's likely if you have a CRM tool for housing your customer information, or even employee information, you have collected some information about your contacts that you would like to add into your Slicktext account. Let's review how the data sync works, then shed some light on practical uses for this feature!


How it Works

The entire premise for SlickText offering a data sync option is based on the need for our customers to add additional information regarding their current subscribers which is not currently housed within Slicktext. For example, if your employees text to join your text list, you now have their mobile number. However, due to privacy laws, we are not able to retrieve other information such as name. Some information is also specific just to your business or organization, such as: Position, Last purchase date, Team Name, etc. That's where Data Syncing comes into play.

Let's start off by logging into your Slicktext account, then click on the Contacts tab located at the top. Once here, you will notice an option called "Tools" located at the top right. This will open a drop down for additional Contact-related options, including "Sync Contact Data." Click here. Next you are asked to upload a .CSV file with your contact information.

Note: This tool does NOT allow you to upload new contacts. This tool allows you to add additional information about your current subscribers to their subscriber profile. Subsciber ID's are based on mobile number. This means your .CSV file will need to contain the mobile numbers for the susbcribers whose information you are looking to upload.

Next, simply tell SlickText where each piece of information is located in your .CSV file, based column. If you are looking to upload information outside of the fields currently offered by SlickText, you can find the option to make custom fields here. Completing the Data Sync will override any existing data and update the information of any subscriber already on the list.


Practical Uses

1.) Employee Communication and Segmenting - Many times, businesses will look to use our service for mass texting at different levels with their employees. Occassionally, a text message will need to be sent out to only a specific department or upper management, instead of the entire company. This is known as Segmenting. SlickText will allow you to add employee job titles, departments, positions, Id's, etc, using Data Sync.


2.) Personalization - By Data Syncing your subscribers' information into Slicktext, you will now be able to effectively use SlickText's Personalization feature. This feature places your subscribers information into the text message they receive, allowing you to personalize outbound texts. In the mass texting industry, personalized messages shine brighter than non-personalized messages.

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