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Can I Send Text Messages to Individual Numbers?

Yes you can. From the Contacts page in your SlickText dashboard, find the number you want to send a single text to, and then click Options and Send a Single Text. Simply type your message out and send it right then or schedule it to go out in the future. There are also a few spots in your account where you can test a message prior to sending said message to your entire list.

The first location to find is located on the send a message page, at the bottom left. By clicking on this option, it is assumed your phone number is currently subscribed to the text list. Then, simply type in your phone number and hit send. You will now receive the content of your mass text prior to sending our to the entire text list.

Another testing location is found upon creating a mobile coupon. A prompt will appear immediately following coupon creation, allowing you to send a test sample of the mobile coupon straight to your phone.

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