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Can I send a text message longer than 160 characters?

Found in: Messages

Yes! You can send messages up to 960 characters in length however you must know that every 160 characters is counted as 1 text message. A standard SMS (text message) within the US is considered 160 characters or less. This means if you send a message that is 161 characters that will be counted as 2 messages per person... If you send a message that is 470 characters, it will count as 3 messages per person.

You must also know that not all phones will receive one giant message. Most modern phones, like smartphones and more advanced flip phones can receive your extend message as one whole message but for less advanced carriers and cell phones they may receive you message as 2 separate messages.

It's also worth noting that if you're sending an MMS / picture message, your available character limit jumps from up to 1,200. MMS is only available on paid plans.

To turn on extended message length, please send us a request via email to turn on extended message length to info@slicktext.com

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