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Auto-Reply Options within Zapier

Found in: Zapier Integration

When opting-in/adding contacts from a Zapier integration you have 3 different options.

1. Double Opt-in for recurring text marketing offers.

2. Single Opt-in for communications and transactional alerts like appointment reminders.

3. Simply adding contacts who have already given you consent.


Each option needs to have a, "custom function" setting within the zap setup to work how you want it to. Within your app to Slicktext zap you will want to access the templates step and at the bottom there will be a option called, "custom function". There you do one of three things.

1. If you leave it blank it will send a double opt-in message that the user must reply, YES to confirm subscription. This is the default and used 90% of the time for recurring text marketing. It proves electronic expressed consent because the user replies YES to prove they own the phone and want to enter the relationship.

2. If you place, "optinwithautoreply" in the custom function field you will simply add a contact and send the confirmation Auto-reply with your compliance statement to the subscriber once they submit their number. This is used in more of a transaction use case for apppointment reminders.

3. In very rare situations where the user may just need to be added to your list with not confirmation or double opt-in you can use, "optinnoautoreply". This will simply add the contact to your list.

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