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Are Inbound Messages Deducted From My Monthly Allotment of Messages?

Only outbound messages that are customized are deducted from your allotment. All inbound messages, including those messages used when someone responds using the Inboxing or Survey feature, are paid for by SlickText. Inbound messages will not be deducted from your allotment.

A customized message from the user includes may include any of the following, and more.

  • Auto Reply
  • Birthday Messages
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Contest Winning/Losing Messages
  • Survey Questions

Compliance messaging is paid for by SlickText. This includes the compliance statement in your auto-reply, age verification messages, stop and help messages, double opt-in messages, mobile send confirmations, and messages that confirm a subscriber's re-subscription and current subscription to your text list.

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