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Are Auto Replies Deducted From My Monthly Text Allotment?

All outbound messages that are customized in your account are deducted from your text message allotment. A customized outbound message can include:

  • Mass Texts
  • Single Send Messages
  • Automated customized replies
    • Auto Reply
    • Birthday Capture
    • Email Capture
    • Survey Questions
  • Outbound messages sent through the inbox
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Text Notifications


Compliance messages and inbound messages are paid for by SlickText. This includes...

  • The Compliance Statement (in your auto-reply)
  • Age Verification Messages
  • Stop and Help Messages
  • Double Opt-in Messages
  • Mobile Send Confirmations
  • Subscription Confirmation Texts
  • Survey Question Responses

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