World Cup Text Message Marketing

Word Cup Text Message MarketingIt is only once every four years that the world has the privilege of viewing the World Cup, and these days, marketers are capitalizing more than ever before on this special football event. This time, it is the app called ‘Yo’ that is making headlines, despite the dozens of awesome apps out there. This app allows all who have subscribed track goals as they are scored by nothing more the sending a text message.

Yo is so popular because it is very different from other apps. It doesn’t send out the name of the person that has scored, nor the name of the team. It is used more as a heads-up that excitement is going on. Although some say it is a limited form of marketing, it is new and different, and certainly nothing like a text marketer has ever seen before.

It is called contextualized text messages, and with it users are able to have a quick glance at what they are interested in, but it further engages them by limiting the amount of information that is received.

Although there are some setbacks to the app, it is very popular, and more than one million people have used it thus far. This is only in about one month’s time, so you can imagine what the possibilities with this app truly are.

Or Arbel, the CEO of the Yo app, suggest that contextual text message marketing could be beneficial to many different types of companies, including major retailers. It is yet anyone’s guess whether or not these major brands will adapt, however, the one thing that remains the same is that there is great possibility.