What Are Text Promotions? 8 Message Promos and Examples

What Are Text Promotions? 8 Message Promos and Examples

Updated April 18, 2024

Text promotions, or promotional texts, create urgency or interest with the end goal of driving traffic or sales. Also referred to as message promos, text promotions are great for meeting short-term business goals — like promoting a new product, reducing inventory, sending special offers, or inviting subscribers to events. 

Wondering how you can use text promotions for your business? Here are eight types of promotional texts and examples to get you started. 

Flash Sales

Small sale tags

Unlike other types of message promos, flash sales are incredibly time-sensitive. Oftentimes, they last for just a few hours, but the discounts they offer are more valuable than regular sales. For business owners, offering short-term promos creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity — generating hype and bringing more traffic to your store. In fact, day-of sales have been known to generate 35% more transactions.

When you need to move specific inventory or promote a new product, you can use direct links to the relevant store sections in your text promo.

Flash sale text promotion examples:

  1. ❗Alert! For the next 4 hours, shop 50% off select styles of women’s athletic apparel! Shop the sale here: [link]
  2. Ready for lunch? Visit Chuck’s Burgers from 12pm-1pm today for a free side of fries with any purchase! 
  3. BOGO winter clearance sale! This Saturday, visit your local Half Time Sporting Goods for Buy One, Get One 50% Off select winter sports gear.

Seasonal Promotions

Seasonal message promos are a great chance to take advantage of the demand that comes during specific times of the year. For example, you might promote a sale on leaf blowers in the fall, ice cream around the 4th of July, or photography sessions during the holiday season. Your text promotions benefit from the built-in urgency that a holiday or season brings, which brings huge potential for increased traffic and ROI. 

Seasonal promotions examples:

  1. 🎁✔️ Still crossing a few things off your list? Shop our hot sales and new arrivals to find the perfect thing for that special someone! [Link]
  2. Game on! Yard Game Rentals is here to help you host the best bash of the summer. Check out our new offerings, and reserve your game today! [Link]
  3. I scream, you scream, we all scream for the return of Betty Anne’s ice cream! Visit in-store today to try the latest flavors. New options every week. 

Birthday Offers

Birthday cake with lit candles

What better way to thank your loyal customers than by recognizing them on their birthdays? You can use a simple data collection form to get birthday information, then schedule a broadcast text to go out on their special day. Not only do birthday messages get better reception than typical mass texts in general, but promos that include special offers are 24% more effective at improving subscriber opinions.

The offer you provide in your message promo can vary, but make sure it’s appealing enough to make your subscribers feel valued.

Birthday offer text promotion examples:

  1. Happy birthday! Let us help you celebrate your special day – visit any Small Cakes location for a free cupcake of your choice! Just show this text at the counter to redeem your offer. 
  2. 🎂Happy birthday to you! To celebrate, we wanted to give you a $5 gift card for a cup of coffee – on us. Visit the link below to redeem your offer! [Link]
  3. We heard it’s your birthday, so we wanted to send a special offer your way! Use code [Name]2022 for free shipping on any order — plus a special birthday sticker, just for you! [Link] 

Early Access & Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs and early access clubs make your subscribers feel like VIPs. By joining an exclusive text list, you give them instant access to insider deals and tips on upcoming sales — and also help foster a passionate, brand-loyal community. Just be sure the message promos you’re sending are actually helpful, otherwise, you risk opt-outs. 

Early access and loyalty program text promotions examples:

  1. Want to be an insider? Join our VIP club to get early access to our latest sales and product updates! [Link]
  2. A special invite for our top customers: Join our loyalty program to be the first to know about sales, new products, and more! Click here to subscribe: [Link] 


The word new on an orange brick wall

Have a popular product offering or something that’s been on backorder for a while? Back-in-stock text promotions alert people who are interested in a particular product that was previously unavailable. With supply chain interruption issues becoming all the more common, now is the perfect time to use text promotions to keep your customers up-to-date. 

Back-in-stock text promotions examples: 

  1. Hey, [Name], we’ve got good news: one of your favorite products is back in stock! Grab yours before it’s gone. [Link]
  2. It’s back! House & Home’s best-selling sectionals are back on the showroom floor. Don’t miss your chance to see it in-store — and take yours home!
  3. Big news! We just made a fresh batch of our best-selling chocolate croissants. Available at Crusty’s Croissants while supplies last! 

Event Invites

Throwing a launch party? Hosting an open mic night? Or partnering with another business for a special mixer? If you’re putting on an event, text promotions can help you get the word out to all of your subscribers within seconds. You can include any relevant event details, and even send out additional mass texts as reminders when the event gets closer. 

Event invite text promotions examples:

  1. Ready to rock? The Back Room is hosting live music this weekend with local bands, food trucks, and plenty of drinks. Check out the lineup and RSVP here: [Link]
  2. The Kitchen Table is partnering with Wine Down for a board game and charcuterie night — and you’re invited! Reserve your tickets here: [Link]
  3. Happy birthday to US! Books and Brews is turning 5, and we’re throwing a birthday bash this Saturday at 6pm. We hope to see you there! 


A pink present covered in glitter

Who doesn’t love a free sample? Not only will your subscribers jump at the chance to get a freebie, but they’re also an incredibly effective marketing tactic for driving more traffic to your store or website. If you can get customers in the door with the promise of something free in your message promo, they’ll feel more inclined to make a purchase. 

But be careful — if you offer a low-quality freebie, you could hurt your brand’s reputation.

Freebie text promotions examples:

  1. Try before you buy! Head to your local Delight Doughnuts location to try our new toasted marshmallow doughnut for FREE while supplies last!
  2. Freebie alert! Make an online order for any amount, and we’ll throw in a FREE mini lotion of your choice. Limited time only. [Link]
  3. Happy National Cookie Day! Come celebrate at Tony’s Subs with a free cookie, no purchase required. 

New Arrivals

Launching a new product or service is exciting, but it can also be nerve-wracking if the rollout doesn’t go well. Communicate the latest product updates to your audience with text promotions, and you can generate buzz for new arrivals weeks in advance. You can even get creative and launch an automated text countdown, offering special deals or incentives to those who opt-in to your message promos. 

New arrivals text promotion examples:

  1. It’s the final countdown: Pre-orders for our latest collection launch TOMORROW! Supplies are limited, so act fast if you want to secure your favorite piece. [Link]
  2. It’s finally here! Shop our new tablet model, and get free shipping with an eligible purchase. [Link]
  3. New flavor alert! Head over to Chilly’s Ice Cream to try our new mocha butterscotch ice cream, available while supplies last. 

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