What We Can Learn from McDonald’s Text to Win Contest

Normally, brands use text to win contests to grow their list. However, in some situations, they’re only used to increase customer engagement and strengthen awareness. Pictured below is a text to win contest that McDonald’s ran in 2014. They partnered up with 365Black Awards and the 2015 Essence Festival. If a customer texted MCD to 23845, they’d automatically be entered to win a trip for two to these events.

Pictured below is the promotional graphic for this contest.

Text Message Marketing

Here’s a few things that immediately stand out.

1. The value proposition is clearly stated in large, bold text. A value proposition is what you’re offering in exchange for a required action. Win a Trip for Two is the central focus.

2. Notice the sponsor and partner logos appear, but don’t dominate the graphic.

3. There is no compliance statement or opt out instructions, which means this is a one time use contest. Once it ends, McDonald’s will not reach out to entrants with new campaigns. In fact, legal restrictions prevent them from doing so.

Now, in regards to our last point, you might wonder, why run a one time use contest? Don’t businesses run text to win contests to grow their list? Although this can be true for most companies, some have different goals in mind. In this specific situation, McDonald’s was hoping to increase brand awareness and relatability.  The prize appears to be incredibly specific, and therefore, we can assume McDonald’s was targeting a specific subset of the population by offering a qualified prize. They can then use engagement results to draw conclusions about the success of this contest.

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